6 Things You Shouldn’t Break Your Word On


Keeping your word is your promise to someone. It is powerful. It has been lost in our generation; I have become a victim to this. I’m sorry, real talk. We have developed an immunity to break promises or brush off plans just because. Thanks a lot text messaging. It is such an easy out to send a quick text and one of the millions of sad face emojis. I hate it. I wish this easy access were not literally at my fingertips. Keeping your word is a conscious act. Your word is sacred. It’s scary to think people believe you until you give them a reason not to. It becomes scarier when we become older and our word means even more to those we surround ourselves with. Also if you’re going to be there, really be there #putthephonedown, #priorities, #noonelikedyourselfie. Here are some instances of making plans (in no particular order) where no one should go back on his or her word.

1. Lunch Plans.

Not cool bro! Now I have to eat alone like a loser in this food court or jam packed deli. And I probably didn’t pack a lunch because you said we had plans! Now I am eating a $9 Panini.

2. Your Child’s sporting event, play, recital, you get the point.

(This goes double if you’re the dang coach!) Get it together; your job will not be as important as seeing your eight year old daughter steal the ball from a boy on a co-ed basketball team. Whether you like it or not your kids will remember everything and bring it back to haunt you when they come home from college on spring break and beg to go to Mexico and mention you did not see them as the tin man in The Wizard of Oz; so obviously you should let them partake in drunken debauchery.

3. The “Let’s Talk” Meet-up.

(Different if this concerns a relationship status, if so run as fast as you can) If this talk is with a friend then they are reaching out for help and need you; take this as a compliment and meet them. They could be reaching out to you as a last resort you never know how delicate someone is until seeing them face-to-face. Meet them.

4. Scheduled phone conversations.

Please don’t bail on calling your friend that lives across the country. This includes Skype; especially Skype, your friend probably brushed their hair, but are still wearing sweatpants. Gosh I love Skype and sweatpants.

5. Meetings with your parents, grandparents, aunt, uncle, basically anyone older than you.

Not to be too real, but honestly you never know how much longer you will have them in your life. And more than likely they will pay for your coffee or lunch. Not to mention they will give you life advice that will bring you back to bitter reality. You enjoy that; and learn from them while you can.

6. Job Interviews.

This is a no brainer. You want a job or not?
So in the words of Ryan Gosling from everyone’s favorite romantic comedy, Crazy, Stupid, Love “Be better than the Gap”. Don’t get me wrong I freaking loooooove the Gap; cropped pants, functional zippers, you get the point. What I mean by this is don’t sell yourself short of your word. Go beyond it, show up with flowers, candy, or pay for their coffee when you plan on meeting with someone. Respect the person enough who has set aside time to meet with you and actually go. Words have the power to save a person. Once you break your word you break a promise. Do you really want to be that friend that bails on your friends? I don’t. Not anymore. Make time for others and you will feel obligated to make time for you. Be a lifeline that isn’t a hash tag or one of the many unnecessary face emojis in a text message.