6 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re What’s Known As An ‘Indigo Child’


An ‘Indigo Child’ is believed to possess unique and sometimes supernatural abilities and traits. Nancy Ann Tappe coined the term in the 1970s after noticing how some people have special auras. There are four main types of Indigos: Humanists, Artists, Conceptualists, and Catalysts. Indigos have a variety of characteristics, which include being great with technology and being high energy.

1. Compliancy is overrated

“Stick it to the man” is one of your motos. The world is constantly evolving because of people like you, and you are definitely not one to stick to the status quo. You know that some rules are made to be broken, even if you might receive backlash.

2. The only way to fight injustice is to do something about it

2018 is a mess, everything is on fire, and you cannot ignore this one bit. Whether it is commenting on someone’s post, raising money for a charity, going to a march, or protesting, you are involved in leading change.

3. School is not for everyone

You have a desire to question structures and take on the world. School might be too rigid for you, whether it be there are too many rules or your courses may not allow your creativity to flow. You may be more successful in music, art, or creative writing courses, where you could express your creativity.

4. Sensitivity is both a weakness and a strength

Indigo children tend to be emotional, which is both a good and a bad thing. This also means that you are sensitive. Your sensitivity helps you be empathetic to people and want to help change the world, but this also means you can find yourself emotionally overwhelmed and drained.

5. It is a good thing to ask questions

As aforementioned, you are not a fan of being compliant, and this adds to your inquisitive nature. You tend to ask questions for two reasons: (1) You want to question the order of society, and (2) you genuinely want to know everything you can about the world.

6. You can tell a lot about someone by using your intuition

When you first meet someone, you can get their vibe or read their aura soon after talking to them. Sure, people change and first impressions may be hindered by something like anxiety, but you are pretty good at reading people.