6 Types Of Men That A Woman Would Date Before She Finds ‘The One’


Have you found “The One” yet?

Well, if you haven’t then dontchu worry because you’ve still got time. This piece is inspired by an article I read on the internet, titled “6 Types of Women That A Man Would Date Before He Finds ‘The One’.”

I felt it would be interesting to write a woman’s perspective, inspired by this piece, which would talk about the agenda when the tables are turned. Here we go…

1. The senior

This could mean any senior at all. A school senior, college one or even someone at work. You look up to him and his intelligence level seems off the charts. You have great conversation about topics you never knew you’d be interested in talking about. But sometimes this very same factor back fires and you feel too dumb a person in the relationship. So dumb, you start to question your own IQ. And he makes extra efforts to make that apparent. That’s when you know relationships should encourage you and make you a better person and not burry your self-esteem three layers below ground level.

2. The Casanova

Oh my, this one’s feisty! Handsome (In that certain angle and light), charming, gift of gab, quick wit and what a sweet talker! It’s all a honeymoon until you find out you’re not the only one he’s dipping in chocolate and strawberry sauce. And he treats you right then he treats you rough. You feel as though you’re on this rollercoaster of love and disrespect and you just have to throw up. When your saturation level is to the brim you realize you need to dump his lying, cheating and manipulating behind asap!

3. The Out-of-my-league

This guy is a Brandley Cooper look-alike. You could look at him all day and wonder whatever did you do right to be with a man who looks like a Greek God!

He’s the popular one that every girl wants. But somehow as though the magic portion from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ has been charmed into his eyes, he falls in love with you. For reasons far beyond your comprehension. Until! Until, either you’re sick of being jealous of every woman who hits on him or he’s sick of your suspicious behavior.

FYI – He was just trying to be polite to the other women who happened to be hotter than you.

4. The too-good-to-be-true

This is the perfect guy. He’s handsome and polite and loving and caring. But he’s just not your type. You’re tragically into bad boys. You try it for a couple months and then stop kidding yourself and break the poor man’s heart.

5. The Artsy One

This one is a dreamer. His life is a quirky movie; an over romanticized comedy drama flick. He’s the poet, the painter, the singer, the drummer, the writer, the philosopher. This ends horridly because you thought he was all you ever wanted, until you both realize that you don’t love each other but you love the idea of being in love with each other.

6. The Emo Dude

This guy is depression personified. His life is a tragic, horror story that you read time and again to try and a find a good moral out of it. You try to be his saving grace. You make it your life’s mission to get him out of depression and make him a happy person. Then one day after a million trials you realize, he doesn’t want to be saved. He loves his misery and he loves it more than he loves you. You have to make the right choice and choose happiness for at least the one of you.

So here they are – The 6 type of men! I don’t know for sure if there is such a thing as “The One”. But if there is, I hope you find him sooner, it’ll save you all the 6 troubles. On the other hand, if you’ve already finished your 6-men disaster relationship course, know that somebody perfect for you is still out there, he might be the 7th, the 8th or the nth. Don’t give up on love. Not after coming so far, not now, not ever.