6 Types Of Online Lists We’re Done Reading About


1. X Amount of Things You Should Have By a Certain Age list.

Because there isn’t enough societal pressure to accomplish a set checklist of things already without constantly being reminded that you do not have your shit together by every website you frequent. We get it: have furniture not by Ikea, dress nicely, travel, and know who you are, as if none of these things had ever dawned on us before. It’s great to read what you should be actively aspiring to, but if I didn’t feel inadequate before I always do after reading one these. Lets just all agree that by every year of life you should be more grown up than the year before and call it even.

2. What Your Food and/or Drink Says About You list.

You know what my food and beverage intake says about me – it says that I like to eat and drink food and liquids. When did we start labeling our personalities based on the only thing all humans have to do at some point every day? Obviously I can deduct that if I’m eating fries I’ve given up on life and if I’m drinking coconut water I’m superior to all other human beings even though that shit taste like spit.

3. X Experiences I had on Tinder/OkCupid/Plenty of Fish List

Let me guess, tons of creepy guys contacted you and/or you realized that our generations commitment to the “hook-up culture” is ruining our views on love. Most of it will be funny and relatable but inevitably some one in the comments will write a short easy about how she met her boyfriend on such and such an app and he’s AMAZING thus contradicting everything the writer asserted in the article confusing everyone. Which is it, you find the love of your life or everyone’s a scu bag? Never mind, I don’t need 13 of these lists when I could just figure it out myself.

4. X Amount of Things You Learn Your — Year in College List

You learn a lot of shit in college, that’s the point. Everyone learns something different, and yet within these unique experiences are a lot of similar lessons and take aways that we feel like sharing. I’m glad that $30,000 is giving you some insight into life and humanity, and while I respect the level of inner reflection these list take maybe we shouldn’t generalize everyones college experience. Some people go to big party schools, some people go to small liberal arts colleges,and some people don’t go to college at all.

5. X Amount of Things you Shouldn’t be Doing/ Mistakes You’re Making List

Whenever I write a list like that I start out with the same preface – #nojudgement. It’s just one persons opinion, that’s what these list are, but when we start to creep over the line of opinion into preaching you alienate and divide people that you don’t even know. Who the fuck am I to tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing with your life? None of us have it ll figured out, some of us are just better at faking it and these list are the ultimate testament to that.

6. X Reasons Why —— Suck List

Guys suck. Girls suck. Dating sucks. College Sucks. Working Sucks. It’s life, we know it’s not all dandelions and unicorns. So many things have down sides but do we really need list griping about things that everyone already knows are literally the worst? Commiserating is a fun past time, no doubt about it. I mean, I’m down to vent about how much things suck all the time – ask any of my friend, but all this attention and list dedicated to “glass half empty” type of stuff is making us all more depressed and resentful of things instead of seeing the bright side and enjoying our lives.