6 Uncomfortable Truths About Starting Over In Your Twenties


1. You might wish you would’ve settled — but will eventually be thankful that wasn’t the case. There might be moments when you regret leaving a partner or quitting a job and starting completely from scratch. There might be moments when you miss the stability you used to have and wish you could take your past decisions back. However, you have to remember you walked away for a reason. You weren’t happy — and you deserve happiness. It might take some more struggles to get there, but you’re going to reach your destination. In the end, you’re going to be relieved you refused to settle when given the chance.

2. It’s natural to feel like you’re falling behind — but there isn’t a set timeline you’re supposed to follow. There isn’t a milestone age when you’re supposed to have a home and a ring and a positive pregnancy stick. You might have those things, then lose those things, then gain those things again. Or you might not even want those things in the first place. You need to remember that, even though you might feel like everyone is pressuring you to live a certain type of life, your existence is not a competition. You aren’t racing to see who can cross milestones off a checklist first. You’re simply doing your best to find happiness in a crazy world.

3. The embarrassment isn’t going to kill you. You might be embarrassed about getting divorced or losing your dream job or moving out of your beautiful home — but shitty things happen. There might be people who judge you or pity you over your ‘setbacks’, but frankly, those people aren’t worth your time. Once you spot them, you can begin to weed them out of your life. You can keep the good people around instead, the people who love and support you no matter how successful you look from afar.

4. You’re going to feel lost — and that’s okay. You might feel like dating or job hunting should be easier now that you’re older and wiser, but those things are never going to be easy. There are always going to be hurdles. You’re always going to feel a little unsure and off-balance. Remember, it’s okay if you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing, even though you’re older now.

5. Your struggles might be visible, but you aren’t the only one struggling. When you go through a major life change, everyone is going to hear the news, which can feel daunting. However, just because you’re going publicly going through a change doesn’t mean you’re the only one suffering. The people around you are dealing with problems of their own. They aren’t perfect, either. They’re simply dealing with their issues quietly.

6. You should embrace changes instead of running from them. It’s never too late to start over. Instead of telling yourself that you should’ve made certain changes years ago, you should remind yourself that you can make the change now so you don’t have the same regret in a few more years. It’s better late than never.