6 Ways To Be A Nigerian In Diaspora


1. Talk a lot about missing “home” (like you were born there) and always wanting to go back, like you would really pick unstable electricity / no wifi over what you have here.

2. Talk A LOT about meat pie, jollof rice, fanta and plantain cause thats basically the food forever in “vogue” back “home.”

3. Learn the basic Nigerian pidgin slangs (i.e how fa, wetin dey) and say them whenever and wherever you can.

4. Buy all the Nigerian songs you can find on iTunes and boast to all your friends when they come around, when you can easily convert the youtube videos to mp3.

5. Go to a tiny concert in Houston or Chicago which they overhype on social media like its something big, and watch Timaya or P-Square perform to a 100 people, then proceed to never stop talking about it.

6. Finally, open a tumblr with a nigerian related word in the URL and repeat these steps in every post.

Thank me Later.

featured image – Flickr / Moises.on