6 Ways To Be Awesome At Dating


1. Be invested. Quit thinking that people you date are disposable or replaceable. Value the people that you spend time with and communicate with. Don’t keep yourself closed off to someone because it might not work out or because you don’t know how they are feeling. Invest yourself in getting to know them and you’ll be surprised at the emotional rewards.!

2. Be transparent. Are you dating other people as well? Let them know. Are you too busy to text today? Instead of ignoring messages, let them know. Are you really digging them  Let them know. Do you not want to see them anymore? Then please, please, please let them know, and do it immediately!

3. Respect their time. Have you ever tried to make plans with someone and they tell you “Yea, I’d love to hang out, maybe Friday!” only to then completely disappear or blow off those tentative plans? And then everyone you know is already doing something, and your night is wasted? Don’t you hate it when people are flakey? Don’t do that to people! Make plans and stick to them. Don’t waste other people’s time with fake plans you don’t intend to keep!

4. Don’t make excuses. If someone makes you feel sad, disappointed, or angry in the first couple of weeks then move on. Everyone has flaws and everyone makes mistakes, but if you’re having problems so early then it’s a sign of failure to come. Don’t chalk it up to a bad day, stress, miscommunication, or uncertainty. Think about the beginnings of all your honest-to-goodness relationships. They were all probably awesome, and certainly angst free!

5.  Don’t play games just because most people do. Dating is hard. Don’t make it any harder. A lot of people will be coy, dishonest, manipulative, vague, distant, or confusing, but you don’t have to. A lot of outsiders might tell you that get someone to like you, you’ve got to play games, but any “wins” you might get from that kind of behavior will be superficial and fleeting at best. You’ll only be attracting people who lack the self esteem or self respect to not take your bullshit. Trust, faith, and love aren’t built through games. They just perpetuate fear and insecurity!

6. Be yourself. If you want to text, text. If you want to be weird and quirky, do it. If you want to eat those three pieces of cheesecake for dessert, do it. Why be someone you’re not? Acting differently to try and make someone like you will just make that person feel lied to when your true self is revealed. Not to mention, there is nothing wrong with who you are. Your goal is to find someone that fits your particular brand of awesomeness. If someone doesn’t like you for being who you are, then clearly that person is not a match. They’re doing you a favor… let them, don’t trick them.