5 Ways To Build Trust That Will Drive Results


Whether you are leading a team, a small business, or a corporation, trust is directly associated to how people perform, which in turn is linked to profitability and market value of your company. (see Trust Across America: Trust Around the World Trust Reports).

But unfortunately, most of the leaders often don’t understand the connection between their own behaviors and the level of trust within their teams, or their organization. They are drowning deeper into their day-to-day realities and quarterly results and it seems impossible to step back and look at the big picture. Here are five ideas that can help you impact the level of trust in your people.

1. Shift Perspective

Look out of the window when things are going well, and look in the mirror when there are problems. Most leaders do the exact reverse. They pat themselves on the back when things go well but blame their people when it gets awry.

2. Reinforce Candor

Candor is a vital part of a self-fixing culture where people feel rewarded for coming up with and solving issues instead of hiding and surviving them. Reward people who speak up even what may be seen as unpopular and you’ll flood your organization with hundreds of new ideas to succeed and grow.

3. Walk Around

Don’t just manage from behind the Mahogany walls of your office. Go out and talk to people. You’ll learn more about them and what makes your business succeed than you’ve ever learned from meetings and summary reports.

4. Exchange Regular Feedback

Don’t let all negative and positive feedback accumulate towards the performance reviews conducted annually. Timely feedback prevents shocks and arguments because the evidence is fresh in both parties’ minds.

5. Be A Continuous Learner

Stay up-to-date with latest developments in field of leadership and writings by experts who you admire. There are thousands of videos, blogs and books readily available, many of them free of cost. You’ll find many experts through social media who’d be more than willing to help and support you.

What is truly important is not only to grow as a leader, but also to grow other leaders in your team. Trust is the highest form of motivation. In addition to being a trustworthy leader, delegate and trust others with their talents, and help them grow. Your people will feel empowered to go the extra mile, and organizational vision will become a reality.

featured image – Flickr / Steve Davidson