6 Ways To Convince Yourself To Stop Falling In Love With A Man Who’s Taken


Reason One: It’s not the right kind of wrong.

It’s a blatant mistake to fall for someone who’s already taken simply because he’ll never be able to give what you hope for: his heart. You’ll always be praying for him to let go of her. But it’s inappropriate to feel that way because another person is waiting for him, another person loves him too much to let go of him. Take that into consideration before you even think of falling completely for him. Especially if you don’t want to end up being absolutely confused on whether to be selfish or be a good person instead.

Reason Two: Whatever happens, he will never see you the way you want him to see you.

All your hopes and expectations are like fire put out by an extinguisher. Your longing for him to see you as less than a friend and more of a lover will never happen. Not now. Not tomorrow. Not ever. He is in love and that’s enough of a reason why he can’t see you the way you want him to. If you’re thinking about the long run, if ever it worked out, he will look at you with love but he might also look at you while he remembers the one before you.

Reason Three: It’ll leave a mark for a long time or maybe forever.

A mark on you, on him, and on her. A mark that will permanently be imprinted. Falling for a taken man is not going to be easy to forget. You will always remember this. If you ever pursue him and it didn’t work out, the history will always be penned in the walls of your heart – that there was a day in your life you tried to destroy something good out of personal intentions. There will be people who’ll support you on that decision, but there will always be those who won’t. There will be those who will look at you differently.

Reason Four: You will only ruin something beautiful.

You’ll only hurt her, hurt him, not to mention yourself. You don’t know the gravity of the situation or the magnitude of what you are destroying. It could be years of hard work, commitment, and love. You don’t want to be the one responsible for that kind of colossal fall. You don’t know how many heartaches, tears, and conflicts they had to overcome to get to where they are now. You don’t know how much they fought just to take tender care of what they have. Ruining that won’t do you (or them) any good.

Reason Five: It is emotional masochism at its finest.

He’ll always tell stories about her with wide smile, about how she’s the one, how she makes his heart skip a beat and how much he loves her. All you can do is listen. At times, he’ll also care for you. He’ll ask if you’re okay.

Sometimes he’ll ask you what’s wrong and he’ll unintentionally give you comfort. But every single time he does that, your heart beats erratically and you are reminded of the fact that he’s still hers. You’ll see him with her and wish with all your heart that he can also look at you the same way he looks at her, that he can hold you the way he holds her, and that he can love you that way he loves her. That maybe tomorrow he will look at you more, but then again, he won’t. He never will.

Reason Six: At the end of the day, he’s not yours.

You’re not his refuge. You’re not his haven. He’ll come home to her as she wait for him in the couch, he’ll take her and snuggle her. He’ll hold her, kiss her with so much affection and spend the entire night with her. Because even if you turn the world upside down, it wouldn’t change the fact that he’s hers and he will forever be hers.