6 Ways To Stay Ready So You Don’t Have To Get Ready


This post was written by Thought Catalog, inspired by Hugo Boss men’s fragrances, which provide fitting scents for day and night, making certain that users are ready for any situation. This brings up the discussion of what #ReadyIs? It can mean something different to everyone, but below, in collaboration with Hugo BOSS fragrance, are some notions of what #ReadyIs.

1. Owning The Morning

Don’t let ringing alarms and the crack of dawn get the best of you, there are always ways to ease the struggles of rising and shining. The night before an early day, choose an outfit, iron those clothes, have a full tank of gas in the car — anything that can be done in advance, making life easier for a groggier, more lethargic version of you.

2. Keeping A Cash Stash

I know it’s hard to not use money that’s just lying there being spendable and enticing, but it really helps to keep it around for those unexpected binds in which cash would serve as a solution. Anything from keeping some money at home for unexpected emergencies like car repairs, to a hundred dollar bill stored in your wallet for social predicaments, such as a stern doorman who needs some bribing.

3. Dress In Anticipation

Remember how Superman wore his costume under his clothes, shredding a layer off at the appropriate time? That’s what we do to be fully prepared for the day. Transitioning from a day at work to a night out isn’t always easy, so plan it! A tie and blazer at work can hide a tee-shirt, preparing you for the office-to-cocktails transformation. Keep an evening-time fragrance stashed in your desk drawer, like BOSS BOTTLED.NIGHT, and you are ready to hit the city.

4. Get Your Mind Right

Where are you going today? Or later on this evening? Flourishing in an environment is all about being in the right state of mind. Yes, it helps to look the part but it’s equally, if not more important to adapt to your surroundings. That doesn’t necessarily mean act, or be fake – just handle yourself in the appropriate manner, depending on the situation. And the best way to do that is have yourself mentally ready.

5. Know What The Worst Case Scenario Is

When it comes to worst-case-scenarios we don’t have to be negative or expect them, but we should prepare for ‘em. Know what the worst possibilities are and while you’ll hope they don’t happen, just keep in mind that they are potential issues. If there’s anything you can do to soften the blow of or completely avoid a worst case, make certain you take advantage your intuitive ways.

6. Calling Ahead

Make reservations, hash out details, schedule things. Everyone hates to use a phone as a phone, but sometimes a minute long call can save you hours in the future.

Check out more on the Hugo BOSS fragrance here and share your definition of what #ReadyIs. And don’t forget, BOSS BOTTLED and BOSS BOTTLED.NIGHT make a great holiday gift to keep any man ready for everything.

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image – Hugo BOSS