6 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself And Heal After A Breakup


1. Surround yourself with people who love you. Okay, this one seems easy. But for me, when I was heartbroken and spent more time in my bedroom in tears than out in the world being social, it was beneficial when my best friends would invite me out. When I was with them, crowded around an Applebee’s table or nestled in a coffee shop couch, I wasn’t thinking of my ex. And I was happy.

Surround yourself with people who truly care about you. Allow yourself to be okay if the people who are holding you up right now are all you have for awhile. Trust me, you’re better off with them, anyway. They love you unconditionally. Remember that.

2. Get rid of the things that they gave you. Admittedly, I didn’t get rid of stuff for weeks. But when I did, I felt free. It was liberating to tear apart the posters and finally get those concert tickets off my dresser. It was necessary to tuck the CDs away in a drawer and take the movie tickets out of my purse. Please get rid of things. You don’t need reminders of him sitting out for you to see every day to remind you of what once was.

3. Make a ‘Break-Up Playlist’. Seriously, make one. Workout to it. Listen to it in the car. Listen to it any time that you start to miss him and feel the familiar ache in your chest. Sing your heart out to songs that make you feel like the badass you are.

4. Delete, delete, delete. There are a few exceptions to this one. (I only say this because I have yet to do it myself.) But honestly, you’re better off if you just delete, sweetheart. Delete the text thread. End the mutual Twitter following. End it. (And once you end it, DO NOT go back and look. Don’t. Stay strong.)

5. Allow yourself to have a bad day, but don’t make a habit of it. You can have a few days where you cry and miss him and ask a higher power why you weren’t enough. You can have a few days where you binge-watch Netflix and eat two pints of Ben & Jerry’s. But you need to pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and move on after that feeling has left you. Girl, you’re a queen without him. Act like it.

6. Be kind to yourself. Remind yourself that you will be okay. Remind yourself that, without him, you are just as great, if not better, than you were with him. Don’t be hard on yourself, and please stop thinking that the breakup was your fault. Stop replaying every conversation and every moment in your head, wishing you could relive it. You can’t change anything.

You are an amazing person. You are no less of a person because he’s not by your side anymore. You are even stronger than you were when you were with him. Never lose sight of that.

You will be okay.