6 Inspirational Sayings People Share On Facebook That Are Being Horribly Misinterpereted


We all have that one friend who keeps filling our Facebook feed with uplifting “motivational” quotes, usually written on top of some photo of a beach during sunset.

Hell, you can barely go online these days without encountering at least one variation of “You’re perfect just the way you are,” “Always trust your gut,” or “Money won’t make you happy.”

And this is probably some well-meaning advice meant to help you become a better person. Unfortunately, there will always be people who misinterpret these quotes to serve their own laziness or dysfunctional behavior.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most misinterpreted clichés out there.

1. You’re perfect just the way you are

We love telling each other that we’re perfect just the way we are. This is a cliché that gets passed around in almost any context; “You shouldn’t change for him, you’re already perfect!” “You don’t need to lose weight, you’re perfect the way you are!”

And most of the time, it’s an awesome reminder that we’re not as horrible as we might think, and that we shouldn’t feel bad about those love handles that just won’t go away.

However, we’re horribly misinterpreting this as:

I should never have to change in any way. Ever.”

Unfortunately, it’s easy to let our laziness get a hold of us, and use this phrase as an excuse to never improve our lives;

“Why should I stop eating junk food every day? I’m perfect!”

2. You deserve the perfect partner

We all walk through life expecting to find that Prince/Princess Charming. Someone who isn’t just smart, funny, rich and beautiful, but who also treats us like royalty and loves us above all else.

And hey, to an extent, this is an awesome belief to have. We learn to value ourselves, and to not settle for the first deadbeat that blunders into our lives.

However, we’re horribly misinterpreting this as:

I deserve everything and I don’t have to give anything in return.”

The problem with this is when we start believing that the universe owes us something, simply because we exist. We believe that we deserve only the very best, and that we have to give nothing in return.

Unfortunately, this leads to nothing but frustration as we realize that our unreasonable standards will never be met.

3. You should just be yourself

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t pretend to be someone you’re not, especially if it’s to impress someone else. It’s exhausting living a lie, and the truth always gets out in the end anyway. Best to just be yourself, for better or for worse.

However, we’re horribly misinterpreting this as:

I should remain the way I am now forever!”

This belief has somehow morphed into the perfect excuse for anyone who is afraid of changing. Because hey, you’re not desperately avoiding change – you just don’t want to stop “being yourself.”

4. Do good things, and good things will happen to you

We all just love the idea of Karma – that good things happen to those who deserve it. We have a firm belief that unselfish and helpful people will eventually be rewarded in kind, and that the bad guys will always get their comeuppance.

However, we’re horribly misinterpreting this as:

If I am just good to everyone, at all times, the universe will reward me!”

Unfortunately, some people tend to adopt a slightly twisted version of this, where they start viewing it as some kind of barter with the universe. They basically turn their entire lives into a giant self-sacrifice in the name of “doing good,” expecting to be rewarded for it later.

This is how people end up being miserable their entire lives in order to be rewarded in some afterlife or another. It’s also a surefire path towards eventually finding yourself standing there in the rain, cursing your God for letting bad things happen to good people.

5. You should be happy with what you have

One of our most persistent clichés about happiness is that we should be content with what we have in life. And this is usually a pretty good mindset to have – there’s no point in always thinking of what you could have, when what you do have is more than you need.

However, we’re horribly misinterpreting this as:

Never strive to improve your situation.”

To some people, this is just another excuse to settle for mediocrity. They tell themselves that they shouldn’t strive for more than what they have, because that would somehow make them unhappy.

It’s the perfect weapon against ambition; “I shouldn’t shoot for the moon, I should just be happy with what I’ve already got!”

6. Money won’t bring you happiness

Everyone knows that money won’t make you happy. Putting your career first won’t give you a balanced life, and neglecting your health and relationships to chase those millions probably won’t bring you much joy in the end.

However, we’re horribly misinterpreting this as:

I shouldn’t try to create financial abundance.”

This belief has become a mantra for anyone who is too lazy/unskilled/afraid to do anything about their financial situation. It’s a great excuse for not doing your best, and settling for a mediocre job. Because “money won’t make you happy anyway.”