61 Affirmations For When You’re Having A Dark Day


1. I am going to be okay.

2. I can get to the other side of my sadness.

3. I can get to the other side of my depression.

4. I do not let depression define my life.

5. I do not let anxiety define my life.

6. I do not let others define my life or my worth for me.

7. I am more than what others think of me.

8. I am more than what I do for a living.

9. I cannot fit into a box.

10. I cannot fit into a singular definition.

11. I am more than any label.

12. I am not defined by other people’s opinions.

13. I rise above the nonsense.

14. I am responsible for my own choices.

15. I am in control of my own happiness.

16. I am grateful for the lessons that come my way.

17. I am grateful for this life.

18. I am grateful.

19. I am hopeful.

20. I do not buy into the notion that hope is silly.

21. I hold on to my hope.

22. I let go of my anger.

23. I let myself feel, but I am not defined solely by my feelings.

24. I listen to others.

25. I listen to myself.

26. I am brave.

27. I have bravery within me, even when I can’t feel it.

28. I am courageous.

29. I embrace change.

30. I embrace love.

31. I embrace the peaks and valleys of life.

32. I cry sometimes, and that does not make me weak, it just means I’m human.

33. I make mistakes sometimes, but I learn from them, too.

34. I forgive myself.

35. I forgive others.

36. I know that forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting.

37. I pursue growth.

38. I am open to learning.

39. I am constantly learning.

40. I celebrate my joys.

41. I celebrate the joys of others.

42. I am unabashed in sharing my joy.

43. I know and believe that joy is meant to be shared.

44. I am able to accept a compliment.

45. I do not defer or diminish my accomplishments.

46. I do not place shame upon myself.

47. I do not infuse shame in the stories of others.

48. I notice, not judge.

49. I ask questions rather than make assumptions.

50. I am worthy of light.

51. I give light to others.

52. I am full of grace.

53. I give the grace I wish to be given.

54. I love the soft bits of me.

55. I love the hard bits of me.

56. I stand proudly in my vulnerability.

57. I am worthy of love.

58. I am love.

59. I am loved.

60. I am able to love.

61. I am able to receive love.