7 Annoying Things About Fashion Bloggers—Written By A Fashion Blogger


There is nothing more annoying than the onslaught of “Fashion Know It Alls” in every crevice of this internet and social media pool.

From Pinterest to Pose to good ol Instagram the idea of Fashion Blogging has gone from beautifully crafted outfits and inspiring “Wow” factor photos to narcissist mirror shots in the backdrop of yesterdays laundry, unmade bed and overflowing trash bin. What was once my biggest hobby, perusing through blogs spending countless hours reading inspirational stories and saving images has become my most hated thing on the internet – fashion blogs have gone from Rodarte to Ross and this is just the beginning of tackiness at its finest. So here are some of the most obnoxious habits of fashion bloggers (guilty of a few myself):

1. If every post on your personal Facebook page (which consists of high school classmates who are all bankers and your family members) is about the next MAJE sale to score the Wang bag you’ve been posting about for seven months…your family probably hates you and your ex-classmates wish you were dead because you’re materialistic b*&%h (and because they can’t afford the bag…on sale).

2. No one REALLY cares that you’re wearing Isabel Marant sandals while carrying a Celine trapeze bag in over the top Karen Walker sunnies – you are a walking advertisement that says “Look at me I’m rich and pathetic” the average person with an actual soul would take that money and go to Paris. Bon Voyage!

3. If you’re idea of a fun time is getting together with your fab fashion blogger friends and speaking two sentences to one another while spending the rest of the fours hours editing iPhone photos…you are in fact…not fun. You are lame and you should probably invest in a personality before people on the internet or your “Followers” actually catch on to how lame you really are.

4. Having 15k followers on Instagram does not mean you are famous. It means that you have:

  • Hashtagging problems.
  • Need more real friends.

Being Instafamous along with the 7000 fourteen year old girls who are Instafamous is not something to brag about.

5. Which leads me to hash-tagging – if captions on your Instagram photos are a paragraph long hashtags that say the same exact thing you are an attention whore and obnoxiously (and obviously) begging for someone to heart your uninspiring horrendous photo of your new Christian Louboutin heels.

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6. Selfies. You’re a fashion blogger we’re supposed to care about what you’re wearing remember? We don’t care about your face. You don’t look any different today than you did yesterday and the day after that.

7. Lastly, if your #OOTD post showcases more of your ass-ets than your outfit you should reconsider your profession as a “Fashion Blogger” and start a new hashtag entirely, #AOTD perhaps?