7 Creepy Movie Characters That Are Terrifying Yet Also Strangely Hot


You know how it is. You’re watching a movie with a main character as a villain who’s doing really terrible things on screen but as the film continues¬†you find yourself strangely attracted to them. You know it’s wrong. You know you shouldn’t want them. Regardless, you find yourself secretly finding all their effed up ways extremely sexy. Kind of like in real life except without all the murder, amiright? ūüėČ Here are some favorite creepy characters in movies that are also weirdly hot.¬†

1. Patrick Bateman / American Psycho

Patrick Bateman might be one of the most narcissistic serial killers on the big screen but at least dude has top of the line beauty products and great taste in business card aesthetic. I mean, really, what more can a girl ask for?

2. Jackson Rippner / Red Eye

Those eyes. That hair. 8/10 would willingly be stalked by Cillian Murphy.

3. Krug / Last House On The Left

I’m not usually into convicts on the loose but when I watched the 2009 version of Last House on the Left¬†last week I found myself strangely attracted to Krug, the sociopathic dad on the run. He might want to kill you and your entire family but at least he has a 6 pack to look at while he does it.

4. Mrs. Mott / The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

When I was growing up I thought The Hands That Rock The Cradle was one of the creepiest movies I’d ever seen.¬†I rewatched this recently and although it’s still creepy, Mrs. Mott still remains a babe.

5. Brenda Bates / Urban Legend

This is a terrible movie but one that will forever live on in my heart because of its cheesy, campy value. Rebecca Gayheart plays the psychotic character of Brenda Bates and if you can’t get behind her as the killer (spoiler alert, sorry) then at least love her for her amazing hair.

6. Dylan Walsh / The Step-Father

Who hasn’t had fantasies about a hot step-dad with a penchant for being a manipulative killer? Oh, just me? Okay, fine.

7. George Lutz / The Amityville Horror

Eh, Ryan Reynolds has never really done anything for me but I have to admit his terrifying performance as George Lutz in the Amityville remake was good enough to scare the crap out of me. Plus, those abs.