7 Easy Ways To Attract The Woman You Want


You know, you don’t have to be the most handsome or sexy man in the world to attract beautiful women. In fact, some of the most beautiful women in the world date or are married to guys who others have no idea what these women see in them. These guys have what other guys don’t (besides the beautiful women). They know what it takes to attract beautiful women, and hang onto them. Here are some more tips that will help you to attract the beautiful woman of your dreams.

1. Date a LOT of women

The more women you date, the more a beautiful woman is going to be interested. After all, if they want you, she has to find out what all of the fuss is about. Women are naturally competitive, and they will want what other women have. If those women have you, the beautiful woman you want will likely want to get you away from them. Start dating a lot of average women, and sooner or later, the beautiful women will want you as well.

2. Play it cool

Basically, don’t be a creep. Don’t sweat the small stuff and let her see you lose your temper over something stupid. Don’t get angry if she doesn’t respond to a text right away. People do have lives, and she may simply be busy and will get back to you later. If you play it cool and act like things don’t bother you, she will be more likely to message you back. In fact, the cooler you play it, the better your chances are because she will think you are with other women and will work harder to attract you.

3. Be a mystery

Don’t tell a woman everything about yourself on the first date. Leave some things to reveal later, and let her discover a lot of things about you without your having to tell her. Obviously, you need to be honest, but hold some things back, particularly the important stuff. The less she knows, the more she will want to know.

4. Upgrade your wheels

More women are going to be attracted to someone who has an awesome car like a Subaru BRZ, BMW M5 or Audi R8. So this is a thing you may start with.

5. Know what you want and have a plan

Believe it or not, women don’t always want to be in charge. They want to know that you think enough of them to make all of the plans for an awesome date. Let her know where you plan to take her, what time to be ready for you, and even what she should wear (she will feel stupid if you planned a casual date and she is dressed in an evening gown). The more details you plan for, the more impressed she is going to be.

6. Be a gentleman

Yes, women do still want a date who is a gentleman. Hold doors open for her. Pull out her chair. Walk on the outside while you are on sidewalks. These are the little things that are going to make her even more attracted to you, because you are showing that you are a true gentleman. There are a lot of really hot guys out there who don’t get second dates because they have no idea what chivalry is.

7. Be creative

Beautiful women are asked out all the time, and there are no lines that they haven’t heard from the men who want to date them. There is also no typical date that she hasn’t been on. You have to be creative and find ways to ask women out that other guys aren’t using. Don’t use tired old lines, and find ways to come up with fun and interesting dates that are more than just dinner and a movie.