7 Essential Sleep Habits That Are Worth Adopting


1. Tell yourself at night, exactly when you want to wake up: Say it out loud before you sleep. It works wonders, and you’ll literally start feeling awake almost at the specified time without the need of an alarm clock.

2. If you don’t, get a gentle alarm: If somehow you’ve convinced yourself that the above doesn’t work, it won’t. By all means set an alarm, but set its tone such that it wakes you up gently. Like the sound of waves on the beach. Or something that gradually increases its volume levels.

3. Get sunlight immediately after waking up: Since time started, the Sun woke every being up. Our bodies are hardwired to start functioning on receiving sunlight in the morning. It tells your sub-conscious to ‘Wake up’ even when you’re feeling sleepy. It acts like a charger for your body, and early morning sunrays make your body synthesize much needed Vitamin D.

4. A glass of cold water: Your body loses liquids by sweating and exhaling during sleep. Water replenishes these liquid levels and leaves you feeling refreshed right at the start of the day.

5. Say NO to screens: Some people have the habit of checking messages, email or updates on their smartphones, tablets, iPads or laptops for prolonged times right after they wake up, or just before they go to sleep. Screens after sleep make your eyes concentrate, moments after they were totally relaxed, which causes stress to them. Screens just before sleep causes strain to your tired eyes at the end of the day, and make it difficult for you to fall asleep. Number one reason for dark spots and puffy eyes.

6. Stretch and meditate: Five minutes of stretching after waking up ensures every muscle of your body is awake. Five minutes of meditation does the same thing to your brain.

7. No liquids half an hour before sleeping: It will cause you to wake up, switch on the lights, and pee in the middle of the night. All three are detrimental to your sleep.