7 Everyday Things Only Alpha Personalities Will Only Understand


Alpha personalities seem to be on a different wavelength than everyone else. We don’t like taking no for an answer, can come off as emotionless, and can draw everyone in a room’s attention. While we don’t get along with everyone, we see the world in a different way.

1. People spend too much overthinking.

Alpha personalities are highly intelligent. But they react. They feel that other people spend too much time thinking, or talking about an issue without doing much. Alpha personalities do what they say they will do. They react with actions, and expect that others should as well.

2. Detesting laziness.

Alpha personalities never stop. They can and will not understand lazy, unmotivated people. They don’t want to be around people who slow them down, and don’t enjoy this company. Alpha personalities are always doing something or else they go crazy themselves.

3. Never backing down.

Alpha personalities hold true to their convictions. They will debate a point, and listen to your side, but you will rarely see an alpha personality back down. It’s not in their spirit.

4. An eye for an eye.

Alpha personalities are protective. They are extremely pushy people, but they will do anything for the people they love. Don’t get on an alpha personalities bad side. They will pretty much do anything for their friends or family and won’t bat an eye.

5. Spending time being sad is a waste.

Sure, alpha personalities have emotions, but you may not see them. Alpha personalities generally do not sit and sulk. They have tough exteriors and try not to dwell on negativity. They would rather move on from a situation then sit and be sad about it.

6. Passion.

Alpha personalities are some of the most passionate people around. With such domineering personalities, they put everything into their work. This also goes for their hobbies. Most alpha personalities have deep passions outside of work.

7. Judgment.

Alpha personalities could care less what you think of them. They will not conform to anyone’s standards, and would never want to. They are happy in their own skin and will do what they want regardless of anyone’s opinions.

Alpha personalities are not everyone’s cup of tea. And they know this. Love or hate, they are some of the strongest people and will go to bat for anyone they love. They work and fight harder than anyone.