7 Everyday Things We Tend To Neglect


Despite our best efforts, there is no denying the fact that we cannot possibly remember to do everything. Even the most expert of list makers may once in a while drop the ball. Thankfully, I made it a point to run a tab of the things we most often neglect. Even if by accident!

1. Updating Your Voice Mail

Creating a voice mail greeting is one of the first things we do when we set up our phones. We want it out of sight and out of mind. The problem is, we do this and never really check the greeting after. If you cannot recall when you set it up, or what it sounds like, it is probably a good time to change it.

You can thank me later.

2. Using Common Sense

Oftentimes in life our curiosity can get the best of us.

Like in the case of taking a casual stroll down the street when out of nowhere we get the sudden urge to kick, step upon or squish random boxes, cups or other garbage on the ground. I like to think of this act as our inner child showing its adorable little face. This moment will remain adorable until such times you kick a mystery paper bag only to expose some very nasty dog poop (or worse).

Don’t kick random garbage around. Leave it in the days it made more sense to do so, like when you were 5.

3. Taking Care of Your Teeth

Most people I know do attend dentist appointments on cue and know that their teeth are important. However, there are also a fair amount of us who just ‘forget’ to book those dentist appointments after we leave the nest.

Bottom line folks, you only get one set of teeth as an adult. Take good care of them and if you have benefits you have no excuses, take full advantage.

4. Scheduling a Yearly Check-Up

Similar to the above, you should always make it a habit to get a yearly physical from your doctor. Again, this sounds simple enough but, most of us neglect to actually go in and get the procedure over with. Fear tends to hold us back, but your health is nothing to waste time over.

Book a physical and suck it up buttercup!

5. Checking Expiry Dates

This pretty much goes for everything! Medication, food, skin care, beverages …the list could go on and on. Food is easy, especially diary, don’t be a fool, take a moment and assure yourself that no fur has begun to grow on the yogurt you are ready to consume. Beyond that keep in mind that everything eventually expires. If you fell and now need to clean your cut, check the expiry date on the Polysporin. No one wants to create a bigger mess than they already have!

6. Washing or Sanitizing Your Hands

Now in this instance I am really talking to those of us who use public transit. I cannot stress enough the importance of sanitizing your hands after being on a germ infested subway.

We should also be mindful of other public places where we tend to go touching things without a second thought. Restaurants, museums, malls, bars, need I say more?

Just remember to keep your hands clean, the flu is a nasty beast that holds no remorse.

7. Being Polite To Everyone You Meet

The title here really says it all. However, this is by far the most difficult to follow through of all those previously mentioned. Sometimes our own bad days get the best of us and we can regretfully take it out on others. It can be as simple as flipping out on a barista for spilling your coffee, or as bad as yelling at a stranger on the street for cutting in front of you to get on the city bus.

Perhaps there are circumstances you find yourself in where you feel you have the right to get angry with another. Regardless of the situation or how you got there, it is always helpful to remember that YOU control your own feelings, actions and words.

How you treat others (regardless of whether or not you know them) has a direct reflection on who you are as a person.

Remember what your mother told you; treat others the way you would like to be treated because no one actually enjoys being an asshole.

featured image – Flickr / peapod labs