7 Fears You Get From Loving The Wrong People


Is your love bigger than any of the fears you got from the few?

Love is unpredictable, spontaneously crazy, wonderful… yet sometimes, inevitably painful. Imagine that the world is made up of more than 7 billion lost souls hopelessly searching for their other counterparts.

There are millions of scattered broken pieces; thousands were still wandering and hundreds were unhappily faking smiles. Yet the possibilities of uncertainties threaten them and make them vulnerable to feel pain, they still uphold faith and perseverance to find for that ‘only one.’

Out of these mortals living around the world, it cannot be denied that you have somehow, in the most unexpected circumstances, met a few.

Unfortunately, most of these few passed by like wrecking twisting tornadoes. One meter farther away from you became more hurtful than the previous other. Erratic and quick, they left you like a big piece of a ruined whole, with missing pieces you could barely find.

Out of the 7 billion, you met 7.

Seven of the few told you that they would stay no matter what. But after a little test of dispute, they left you easily like you were never worth to be loved. You let them go because you loved them so. But, you started to fear of being forgotten by someone you could never forget.

Six of the few told you they loved you. You replied back just the same. Yet another voice from your back secretly whispered that they also loved your lover as much as you do. The six chose the voice instead of you, leaving you all alone and lost. You chose to let them go because you loved them so. But, you started to fear the wrath of an unfaithful love.

Five of the few told you pretty words that made you giddy. Unluckily, they also told such words to the other twenty. You? You still believed because you loved them so, but you started to fear the thought of being an option by someone whom you treated as a top priority.

Four of the few said they were willing to wait. Time thereby challenged their patience. Sadly, like a blink of an eye, the few dropped down from four to zero. In the end, you became the one who waited for that someone who promised to wait. You started to fear the bitterness of unsaid goodbyes and false promises.

Three of the few, on the other hand, were different. You courageously admitted that you genuinely loved them. However, fate has been very tricky to allow you to fall in love with people who never wanted to accept your love. In the end, you started to fear the pain of an unrequited kind of love.

Two of the few claimed that you are the type they could spend the rest of their life with. But sadly, you were just the one whom they want to spend a night with. For them, you are an icon of pleasure, but for you, you were like a shallow gullible dirty pet. From then on, you became scared on believing in happy fantasies of an unknown future.

Lastly, one of the few whom I prayed to be ‘the one,’ promised he’ll never do the same mistakes of the first few who came. However, for the seventh time, for the seventh heart-stabbing time, he just did it again, leaving you like a field of total wreck.

And from then on, you started to fear love. You started to unlearn how to love.

Out of the 7 billion, you met 7 of them. But out of the 7, no one stood out as the right one. You loved seven times, yet you were destroyed a hundred more. You loved seven times, yet you got seven fears in return from the wrong people.