7 Genre-Defying Cover Songs That Are Definitely Worth A Listen


Originally, I was gonna say they “transcend” the original genre — listening to these songs won’t induce a Harold Camping-esque rapture, but there definitely is something a little bit elevated about them. You always don’t expect a popular song to “work” when covered in radically different fashion, but the songs below are certainly pleasant exceptions:

1. Lollipop – Framing Hanley


Originally By: Lil Wayne

Featuring a solid video that I used to watch at 3am instead of finishing up papers in college, this cover of Lil Wayne’s Lollipop definitely brings it in a very different way.

2. I Love It – The Spin Wires


Originally By: Icona Pop

The Spin Wires remind me of a lighter The Offspring. Here, they channel their wacky energy into a good cover and funny video.

3. Everytime – Glen Hansard


Originally By: Britney Spears

We all know how great a song the original Everytime is. This country version honors the original song quite nicely.

4. Break Stuff – Patent Pending


Originally By: Limp Bizkit

Long Island homeboys Patent Pending released this as part of their Spring Break ’99 EP, which features a multitude of covers from that famed nostalgo-era. This one is not what you’d expect.

5. Gin And Juice – The Gourds


Originally By: Snoop Dogg

Probably the most famous of all of these on this list. Legendary take on a legendary song.

6. Father & Son – Boyzone


Originally By: Cat Stevens

This was instrumental in getting the mid 90s Irish band recognized on the international stage. Rather enjoyable.

7. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head – The Flaming Lips


Originally By: Kylie Minogue

Very unlikely, but works quite nicely.