7 Gifts Under $50 For Everyone On Your Holiday Gift List


While gift-giving is generally the most gratifying part of the holiday season, it can be the most taxing part as well. And that’s coming from a Christmas fanatic, herself. I mean, who wants to spend an entire Saturday driving to outlets in the middle of nowhere to bargain hunt amongst the masses only to come back with a bunch of items they didn’t need but inevitably impulse purchased? We won’t even get into the emotional despair involved with checking your bank account the morning after such an experience.

But, alas, have no fear, Kirsten the Elf is here. Below, I have a list of my top 7 gifts that you can buy right now, online from the comfort of your home, and for under $50. Oh, and if you purchase them today, they should arrive in time for Christmas. You’re welcome.

For the… Wino!

The Williams-Sonoma Bottle Top Wine Aerator at $29, this is the ideal gift for the wino in your life. Traditional decanters are wonderful, but it isn’t every night that you finish an entire bottle of wine (or, maybe it is, but that’s none of my business.) Still, anyone who drinks red wine regularly enough will appreciate an aerated glass. So, pair it with a solid bottle of red and you have a usable and well thought-out gift!


For the… Entrepreneur!

The Evernote Moleskine at $24.95 with 3 months of Evernote Premium usage, this is a total steal and a gift that the entrepreneur in your life will drool over. It’s an actual moleskin notebook that allows the user to take photos of their handwritten notes and drawings and upload them to their computer or onto the Evernote platform for their iOs or Android phone. With a thing called “Smart Stickers” the user can “tag” pages and easily organize all their scribbles into different folders and make them more easily searchable. Genius or what?

For the… Gear Guy

The Instagate Tailgate-In-A-Box at $49, this all-in-one recyclable tailgating kit pretty much screams “pop-up party.” It’s MacGyver-like qualities are just the thing to keep your gear-obsessed boyfriend or buddy occupied on Christmas Morning. Not only does it include a grill, cooler and all the other tools you need to tailgate (literally, all of ‘em), but it also folds out into three tables, two of which naturally include beer-pong imaging. The price even includes shipping. #Steal

For the… Bookworm

Literary Swag at $26-$42, these text-printed scarves and gloves are an adorable alternative for the bookworm on your list. Sure, a Barnes and Noble gift card or membership is always a solid option, but why not give them something unusual? The indie folks at StoriArts on Etsy pulled together a few of the most classic novels of all time and printed them on scarves. From Alice in Wonderland to Pride and Prejudice, how cute is that?

For the… Instagram Queen

Printstagram for $25-$50, your virtual pho-tog friend can finally get her own prints made! For a mere $25, Printstagram will make you a photo album of up to 319 instagrams. For those of you who constantly have “make a photo album” on your to-do list and fear losing all your valued pics, tell me this isn’t the biggest relief ever. For various prices, there are also framed prints, posters, calendars and more. My suggestion is a little gift card – doesn’t get easier than that.


For the… Artist

Society 6 for as little as $15, you can get some pretty sweet and original art-inspired gear. At Society 6, original artists create the designs and the manufacturing team gets them onto everything from phone cases to pillow cases to wall clocks and everything in between. Of course, there’s also the traditional canvas prints, too. Personally, I would suggest these prints on phone cases by Katy Hirschfeld from Collage Garage.

For the… Snacker

Grazebox for only $6.99 a box (including shipping) and the ability to schedule/delay orders, the Grazebox is the 21st century answer to snacking. “Hallelujah” said everyone who is sick of the choices from the office vending machine. There are low-calorie box options, but all of the food is pretty healthy and pretty unique. I’d suggest this as an ongoing gift for a loved one (think of it as a “Snack of the Month” club for only $6.99 – or $14 if you opt for the bi-monthly deliveries).