7 Honest Signs He’s Not The Person You’re Supposed To Be With


Sometimes you find yourself stuck in some kind of about-to-begin-but-maybe-not relationship. Like, when you think you feel something for someone, but at the same time everything with him seems so wrong and difficult. And when this happens…you have to listen to your own intuition, because it’ll tell you why he is not ok for you.

1. He doesn’t understand your priorities.

He doesn’t understand and respect the fact that you have to follow your ambitions. He wants you to be with him all the time, but you just feel you have other priorities. He doesn’t push you to follow your dreams, or he complains whenever you have to do something important for your own well being, because he feels left behind. Well, if he doesn’t understand you, he’s not right.

2. He judges you.

Maybe he doesn’t like what you like, or he has a different approach to life as you do. But those are not open invitations to judge you and your life. It’s ok to share some advices, but it’s not ok to impose or judge passions and choices.

3. He makes you feel good, but he also disappoints you all the time.

He makes you feel like a princess, but sometimes everythings feels just too much. He’s too caring he suffocates you with attentions, or maybe he doesn’t seem worried about you when you’re not ok. He sends you sweet messages, but at the same time he constantly disappoints you or make you feel not enough.

4. You don’t find yourself laughing at his jokes.

Boys always try to make girls laugh. It’s their way to conquer them, to make them fall in love. But if you don’t laugh at his jokes, maybe he’s simply not funny…or maybe he’s not right for you.

5. You don’t have any urge to text him back.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that if you really like someone, you’ll feel the urge to text him back as soon as possible. If it doesn’t happen, or if every text you receive from him bothers you, maybe you’re not that much into him…

6. You don’t feel like telling him something that’s important to you.

It may be a little thing, like a thought you made coming home from work; or a big secret you kept locked in your head for a long time. But if your intuition tells you to not tell him, maybe he’s not the right one. You know, if you love someone, your first instinct is to tell him everything about you (and he surely would listen!).

7. Everything with him seems hard.

Good relationships aren’t forced. So, if you feel that something between you and him is hard, you have the clear evidence that he’s not ok for you. He might be a great friend, even a good boy…but not in a romantic way. Love has to be felt, not forced. And with him you don’t feel anything.