7 Huge Changes You Can Expect While Uranus Is In Taurus


This month, in fact, this entire eight-year cycle is all about change, and it begins May 15th!

While Uranus was in Aries, power was at the wheel. People were encouraged to step into leadership roles and make courageous steps in their lives. If you embraced that, take some time to honor all you accomplished. But, starting soon, your ideas of stability are going to be shaken up. This will start next week and last until 2026.

Here’s what could happen:

1. The very Earth beneath us will be unstable:

It’s already begun! Kilauea volcano has been erupting for several days and her destruction has taken away homes and livelihoods, upon which many depend. And on top of the eruption were hundreds of Earthquakes. This is exactly what happens with Uranus in Taurus. Taurus, which is the sign of stability, is being challenged by this outer planet whose energy is movement and change. Over the next several years, we should expect more activity around the world. Mother Earth is sending a message and we should listen.

2. A personal awakening:

Whether you know it or not, you are probably asleep at the wheel. Most people have no clue who they are and their attention is far away from self-reflection and understanding. Generally speaking, the population is disconnected in a serious way. Uranus will challenge the false ideas of who you are, and free you from them. So, this chapter could be a new beginning for some people as they start to see their true nature, purpose, and place in the greater scheme of things.

3. It may be harder to face and accept changes:

The energies of Taurus and Uranus contradict. Taurus, the bull, loves stability, but Uranus is all about change and growth and therefore challenges the sense of security that Taurus craves. The next months and years may challenge your ideas of safety and stability. What once was secure, may no longer be, and that’s a new situation for many people. It’s time to consider letting go of certain attachments, mental and physical, and embrace a new normal.

4. Your relationship with money and things will change:

Society is moving away from ownership. We’ve already seen the rise of Uber and Airbnb, but a shared economy is going to change our ideas surrounding what’s ours and what’s not. If you used to think renting your room while on vacation was a bad idea, you might change your mind in the months and years to come.

5. Shifts in currency:

Taurus is the poster child of Wall Street. That bull market reflects the sensibilities of Taurus and its relationship to money and currency. The last time Uranus was in Taurus, FDR structured the New Deal to help end the Great Depression. It was a revolutionary set of programs, which defied the conventional, strictly capitalist sensibilities of America. They were and are socialist programs which led us into an era of prosperity. Along those lines, how we view money and banking may reflect the changes in the past.

The next recession could be around the corner, and the banking structures which have lasted so long, could, at last, be toppled in a revolution of currencies which will lead us into another era of prosperity for all.

6. Big business could be facing the chopping blocks:

The era of white male leaders in Corporate America is coming to a close. Already setting the stage with the #metoo movement, the metaphorical castration of businesses is very possible with Uranus in Taurus. The younger generation is taking the lead and long-held positions of power could be lost.

7. Our ideas around love and relationships could change:

The models we grew up with aren’t working anymore and the shift towards more open relationships is going to take place. And open is not necessarily about polyamory, although that’s also possible. Open, as in, open communication and sharing without holding back. We’ll be freer than ever to be ourselves. Those shields which we cling to so fervently will come down as we begin to seek safety in others as well as feel more comfortable and free with ourselves.

This new era is about finding stability in freedom.

Freedom of expression, freedom of material possessions, and freedom of money will have a huge impact on our lives over the next months and years. The best way to survive this shift is to be open to change and embrace it. Resisting may feel natural, but that will only end in frustration.

It’s time to welcome a new Era starting May 15, 2018.