7 Incredibly Helpful And Motivational Websites For Students


Before the start of the new school year, you need to find tools, tactics, and resources that will help you memorize loads of information easily. In addition, you also need apps that will help you manage your budget and entire life as a student, as well as helpful resources that will save you when you cannot tackle all academic challenges by yourself. In the continuation, we will list the most useful websites that all students should know about!

1. Keep Me Out

Before you can start handling the new college term, you need to learn how to stay away from social media websites when they are preventing you from being productive. This is a fresh concept that doesn’t block the distracting websites, but warns you when you’re visiting them too often.

2. Sleepyti.me

You absolutely need healthy sleep if you want to stay fresh through all classes and absorb information effectively. This website will tell you when to go to bed if you want to start the following day at a certain hour. Sleepyti.me will help you maintain regular sleep cycles and stay attentive no matter how early you get up.

3. Mental Floss

Although this website can be a huge time-waster, it still enables you to learn interesting facts on a wide variety of topics. Instead of using it as a tool that helps you procrastinate your tasks without feeling guilty about wasting time, you should use it whenever you have free time on your hands and start learning exciting things about the world that surrounds you.

4. Essay Writer

There is one problem all students have in common: managing to complete all papers and assignments by their deadlines. You have surely faced the following scenario by now: one or more papers are due within 24 hours and there is no chance to complete them even if you pull an all-nighter. NinjaEssays.com will come to the rescue whenever you find yourself in a similar situation. At this website, you can hire professional writers and editors to assist you in completing all types of academic content.

5. UReddit.com

When it comes to Reddit, you should avoid it as much as possible. However, you will surely appreciate a similar concept that’s focused on improving your knowledge by providing lessons and courses in several categories.

6. The Book Pond

Since your limited budget doesn’t allow you to spend a fortune on textbooks, you will find this website really useful. The Book Pond enables you to buy affordable textbooks and sell the ones you no longer need. The website doesn’t charge any commission, so you can feel free to start selling and buying books whenever you’re ready for it.

7. EdX

When you have so many classes to attend and so much studying to do, taking an online course is the last thing on your mind. However, the fact that EdX enables you to take accredited online courses from some of the best universities from all around the world should not be neglected. If you are particularly interested in a certain subject, you can gain deeper knowledge by taking an online course from one of the schools and partners that participate in the EdX project (including Harvard, Berkeley, MIT, Dartmouth, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and many more).

No need to struggle when being a student. There is a solution to every problem!

Let’s be honest: getting a degree is never easy. As a student, you are supposed to go through many obstacles and study a lot in order to get ready to face the “real world”. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend many sleepless nights studying and completing papers, when there are many tools and websites that can make your work easier.

The tools listed above will help you save money, stay focused, and find useful information that will help you get through your studies with less effort.