7 Indisputable Reasons To Make Now Your Time To Travel


We are curious creatures and deep down somewhere most of us want to see more. We ponder the idea of taking that extended vacation, going on the dream trip or trading our briefcases for backpacks yet somehow the lights are never green simultaneously.

We don’t have anyone to go with, we have a career, the savings are supposed to be for a new house, the list continues.

Speaking from experience, I’ve found that if you wait for all the lights to be green, you’ll never leave home.

So I say It’s time to let your faith be bigger than your fear and get going, here’s why..

1. Life is now, don’t wait, (cliche’ I know) but life is short and we really aren’t guaranteed tomorrow.

2. Sometimes life begins at the end of our comfort zones, it’s how we grow and travel can be one of the most intense modes of learning. It develops confidence, independence and character.

3. Dreams are meant to be pursued, not postponed. Sometimes it’s difficult to follow our dreams, though wouldn’t it be a tragedy not to? Be brave travel bunny.

4. It’s good for the soul. Walking barefoot on the beach, seeing new cultures, trying new food and lying under the stars is inspiring. It builds feelings of gratitude and can often put your life into perspective.

5. To contribute to economies, if you’re able to travel it’s a gift and you’re more affluent than the majority of people in the world. The earth is one thing we all have in common, many places rely heavily on tourism, it’s nice to give something back.

6. For the memories, oh the friends you’ll make, the sunsets you’ll watch, the wild nights and fabulous food. People rarely look back at their lives and remember the nights they got plenty of sleep, or the things they had. Something to think about.

7. Common courtesy, isn’t it rude to keep a vacation waiting?

I’m not old and wise yet though in my experience when I review my life, it’s always amazing experiences, people and feelings that come to mind, most memories come from my travels.

I’ve yearned for some exquisite things and it’s satisfying to see a fancy car on the drive and a nice watch on my wrist. Though, I’d say there’s no feeling on earth like falling in love with people and places.

Here’s to hoping this is the little nudge you needed- adventure awaits!