7 ‘Irritating’ Guy Hobbies We Really Need To Stop Making A Big Deal Out Of


We all make compromises in relationships—some are bigger than others. Before you blow a gasket about your next compromise, here are seven things that might seem like huge deal breakers in your relationship but actually are NOT:

1. His Man-Hobbies

When he’s not spending hours at the gym shooting hoops, my guy’s at home playing 2K with his eyes glazed over the TV screen. Sometimes, honestly, I want to reach over and throw the Xbox across the room! But he loves playing video games as much as I love spending hours at the mall, so as long as he makes a little time with me, I am pro man-hobbies.

2. His Social Media Addiction (Within Reason)

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Whatsapp are just some of the platforms I use to stalk my boyfriend. Thanks Internet! It’s irritating to see the occasional slutty girl who pops up in his mentions or DMs, but as long as he doesn’t entertain it, it’s fine by me. Trusting your partner on social media is hard because there is so much temptation. However, I find peace in knowing that I don’t have to worry because my guy is mature enough to know the difference between right and wrong.

3. His Girl Friends

My boyfriend has way too many girl friends—some are way too pretty. The only thing that holds me back from being catty is knowing that he chose me to be his girlfriend, and I trust him. Jealousy only shows insecurity.

4. His Terrible Texting

Enough with the one-word texts! I send him a paragraph expressing my undying affection and he replies with, “Right back at you lol”. But before I throw a hissy fit, I remember that some people communicate better face-to-face. (And maybe that’s not such a bad thing?) I’d rather be with someone who can make me laugh and hold a deep conversation in person than someone who limits their love to 150 characters.

5. His Password Protection

Cell phone privacy in a romantic relationship is a touchy subject. Many people like to have their partner’s password to… keep an eye on things. And it’s hard to blame them because evidence of infidelity is almost always found on a cheater’s phone. But doesn’t that cross a line of trust? It really shouldn’t matter if you have your S.O.’s password or not. In fact, it shouldn’t be a topic of conversation with someone youreallylove because the foundation of a strong relationship is trust.

6. His Guy’s Night

It’s Saturday night, and he’s going out with the guys. As much as you may want him to stay home and cuddle, you can’t stop him from having friends. You could sit at home a imagine what they’re up to or you can go out for GIRL’S night. GNO all the way!

7. His Morning Routine (Or Lack Thereof)

My guy is NOT a morning person, so that not-so-fresh morning breath lingers for hours as he lays in bed. It drives me crazy! But I let him do his own thing because I realize that not everyone works on MY morning schedule. (Although that would be nice, right?)

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This post originally appeared at YourTango.