7 Keys To Living A Happy, Blissful And Fulfilling Life


1. Love from the center of your being.

The greatest source of power in the world is the power of love. Attune yourself to it. Love. Love your neighbors. Become a channel that passes on love from one person to another. Shun hatred, mediocrity and jealously. Become a lover and love deeply, passionately and heartily. Fall in love because you can’t go wrong when you do. Let your love come from the being of what you are and what you believe. Love from the depth of your heart.

2. Don’t burn out. Keep yourself fueled and aflame.

Every successful person has a schedule that incorporates rest into it. Great athletes and sportsmen have attributed large periods of rest to their success. The difference between the human system and a mechanical machine is that the latter can work for a prolonged length of time before breakdown, and the former will ultimately break down and become unproductive when rest is ignored. Get the required amount of sleep daily. It will refresh and energize you to keep working on your goals.

No one waits till his gas tank is empty before refilling. Treat your self as same. Don’t burn out. Work your ass out and recharge. And do this again tomorrow. With the adequate amount of rest, your productivity level will take a rise.

3. Don’t quit in hard times.

Adversity is the spice of life. I wish I could tell you that the journey will be smooth and you’ll arrive at success without any bruises, wound and painful experiences, the honest truth is I can’t. Hard times are part of life; when you understand that they will come, you’ll be better equipped to face them and enjoy the process because like other things, they will pass too.

4. Give a helping hand.

Life and nature have provided you with a lot of help, no matter where you are today. Look around and you’ll find someone that desires the type of life you live currently. Lend a helping hand and bring them up to the level that you are. Never look down on the poor or less privileged. Happiness lies in making others happy, not just searching for happiness of your own.

5. Rejoice with others and share their pain.

Life is beautiful when we can share with others. It can also be hard not to get caught up in jealousy when someone is celebrating what we want to see, and long for in our lives. No matter what, rejoice with others in their good times and be there for them when their seasons of gloom arrive. Give a word of encouragement to someone in pain or suffering from a loss. Be the pillow for someone to cry on, and in turn, when your bad times come, you’ll always someone to help cushion the effect of your pain. You’ll be surprised how much relief someone who cares can bring to you in your time of pain. We reap what we sow, so begin top sow your seeds of encouragement today.

6. Be positive.

You can choose to live life as a pessimistic, cynical and negative person, but all you will get is what you expect. Life is full of ups and downs, the good and the bad, night time and day time. Whatever happens, eventually we have a choice. Won’t you make the better choice?

Look on the brighter side of life. Hold on to hope for a better future. Your anxiety and stress levels will reduce when you start living life with an optimistic mindset.

7. Connect with people.

Thanks to the internet, social media and smart phones, connection in the 21st century is lot easier. Open yourself to the views and perspective of others. Learn from their experiences. A lesson or two from another individual can be all you need to achieve the success you so desire. Make it a habit to smile often and make new friends every now and then. Humans are social beings. Work at being a friendly and hospitable person. Improve your communication skills. Never look down on another person unless you want to help them.