7 Labels Happy People Never Use To Define Themselves


1. Do not be defined by how big or how small your house is
, or by how many or how little cars you have. You are more than the size of your house. You are someone else’s home. You are more than the number or price of your rides. Someone who sincerely loves you will never care at all of what material things you have.

2. Do not be defined by how much or how little amount of money is in your pocket or bank account. You are someone else’s treasure. You are someone else’s prized possession. Do not let money bring you pride. When you’re left with none, you’ll see who truly cares for you, and who will never leave your side.

3. Do not be defined by how many or how few the stamps your passport has or the number of countries you have visited. You are more. You are a soul sewn together by experiences. You are a foreign language someone badly wants to get to know. You are a collection of memories worth sharing over and over again.

4. Do not be defined by the brand of the clothes you wear or by how you clothe yourself. You are more than how you look on the outside. Choose to be loved by the nakedness of your heart and mind and not by #ootd’s. You will find the realest and greatest love in your simplicity, and in your most unfashionable self.

5. Do not be defined by how dark or how light your skin is, or by the size of your clothes and how much you weigh.
Beauty is beyond color and weight. Who you are is skin deep. Fair, white, dark, thin, curvy, or whatever, these are mere labels. We may look different from each other, but we’re beautiful all together.

6. Do not be defined by how many or how little likes you gain from your Instagram or profile photos. You are more than the number of your likes and followers. These numbers should not define your security and your confidence. You’ve got a bigger world who truly loves you outside the different social media channels.

7. Lastly, do not be defined by the mess and mistakes you had in your past. You are more than these. Someone sees your mess as a message. You can rise from your past and show the world the beauty in your scars. Every waking day’s a new shot at life, another chance to give your life a new light.

Treasures, fame, popularity, status, and other temporal things aren’t forever. Do not allow yourself to be defined by something that would not last. It might leave you an emptiness that’s hard to fill in. Labels will not affect and define you unless you let them. Free yourself.

When you feel pressured to conform to be accepted, take a pause and tell yourself this, ‘I am far greater than my labels.’