7 Little Mood Boosters For When You Just Need To Brighten Your Day


Everyone is elated on receiving a promotion or getting married or having a baby or traveling to a beautiful destination but happiness doesn’t always require these big guns. As they say, don’t keep running after the big things because when you’re nearing the finish line, you’ll realize it was actually all those little things that collectively made all the difference. So let’s dwell on the little things.

1. Sunsets.

After a long day (good or bad) – watching the sunset gives me the feeling of resetting. As I watch it set, it leaves me with a sweet mixed feeling of gratitude for today and an unstoppable hope for tomorrow. I bet if the sun only set once in six months, everyone would line up to watch it set but because it happens every day, people take it for granted.

2. Kissing.

As they rightly say, if you want to make time stop – kiss. A kiss can change your mood in an instant. And the best kind of kisses? The ones where you can feel your smile and theirs as you’ll kiss. The ones where you’re kissing with your whole body and soul.

3. Dancing.

Dance like no one is watching or dance like everyone is watching and you’re putting on a god damn show! Don’t just sway, don’t just tap your feet a little. Give in. Free every limb until you can ‘t even feel the weight of your body anymore. Dance in the club. Dance in the shower. Dance in the kitchen. Dance with the ones you love. Dance alone. Just never miss a chance to dance.

4. Old songs.

We all know music is therapy. There is something even more magical about the songs from the 80’s and 90’s. Kicking back with a playlist that could last for hours takes you back to the simpler times. So many colors of happiness to be found in the black and white.

5. A cute outfit.

Sometimes all you need is a cute outfit to go seize the day. Yes, its all about how you feel but when you look good you feel good. So, every now and then go slay those heels or that suit!

6. A good meal.

People who love to eat are always the best people right? There is always something therapeutic about good food. Whether it’s a large pizza in your hostel bed, mom’s chicken curry on a Thursday night or something you whipped up yourself with love. Relish every bite you take. Gather around a table of good food with the ones you love often. Take yourself out to a good meal every now and then. Don’t just eat to nourish the body, eat to nourish the soul.

7. Deep conversations.

We talk all day – at meetings, on obligatory phone calls, during small talks in brief encounters. We even talk to the people that matter for general exchange of information and the usual greetings. But there’s nothing like those deep conversations which stand out from everything else we say or hear. The ones that talk about the true hidden dreams in life, the small moments that no one knows of that have shaped us. The ones where you share your deepest fears and your most random thoughts. The ones that make you feel more connected than you knew was possible.