7 Little Things Everyone Misplaces That Make You Feel Like You’re Losing Your Mind


1. Bobby pins

I’ve owned thousands of bobby pins. But each time I buy, one by one they magically start to disappear. Out of the hundreds of bobby pins I’ve bought over the years, I only have 9 as of the moment. Girls like to leave their bobby pins at the vanity table or put it in their makeup kits. But they always seem to wind up somewhere else.

2. Keys

They might be the reason why you’re always late for work. You can’t find your car keys that you placed on the table, but you found them in the fruit bowl in your dining room. They also might be the reason why you always have to break in to your own house all the time. Maybe you should keep a spare key under the mat next time.

3. Remotes

One minute, it’s beside you— then the next minute, it’s gone. But really it just sunk in between your couch somewhere. You really need to change the channel or turn up the volume but you can’t seem to find it anywhere. Remotes are tricky because even if they aren’t small objects, they are still so hard to find.

4. Pencils

When you drop your pencil in school, you don’t even bother picking it up anymore. It’s just too much work to bend over and pick it up from the floor. Besides, your seat mate always has extra pencils. Pencils never last a whole school year. I don’t even know where these pencils go. Oh well.

5. Socks

I hate it when I do have socks, but they’re just not the same pair. Do you ever wonder where the other sock goes? It’s like; you’re supposed to be inseparable! But the other sock is always wandering off looking for a new pair to stick with.

6. Cellphone

“Can you call my cellphone? I can’t find it.” I know that people always have their cellphones in their hands 24/7. But we also tend to lose them and misplace them sometimes. If you always misplace your phone often, here’s a tip— never put your phone on silent mode. You’ll never be able to find it

7. Wallet

Maybe you’re strolling down the park and you see an ice cream stand. You pat your back pocket for your wallet so you can buy some ice cream, but it seems like you forgot it, again. A lot of people forget their wallets when going to the mall or wherever. It always leads you to leaving the things you want to buy behind just because you didn’t bring any money or credit cards. It also results in borrowing money from a friend or even worse — borrowing money from a stranger if you really need it.