7 Mindsets That Will Make You More Money


I used to look out of my window at the buildings in Manhattan and ask myself, How are there so many people that have enough money to live here? Money is everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. There is no shortage of money, and nobody can ever hoard so much money that you don’t have enough.

1. Money is abundant, not scarce

Money doesn’t exist in scarcity, it exists in abundance! Once you adopt a growth instead of a fixed mindset, you’ll realize that the universe will have to reward you with money if you provide enough value. Once you give value to others, it becomes worth a lot, and suddenly, what other people are doing becomes irrelevant. After all, everyone makes money in different ways, so nobody can take what you’re after. To master this abundance mindset, you must believe that there is no competition!

2. Become a person of value by working less and earning more

When you buy something, you don’t just pay money for no reason. You buy it because it gives you value that’s relative to the amount you paid for it. Provide other people value, and your efforts will be worth more. Ensure everyone you meet knows that you are a person of service, ready to help anyone that needs it.

The combination of offering value to others and consistently sharpening up on your skills will allow you to charge more for your services without giving in more of your time!

3. Believe that you deserve wealth

If you don’t believe that you can provide value, you won’t think you deserve money. But to make more, you must consistently remind yourself that you’re learning more and giving assistance to others in all ways possible. Anyone who provides services deserves money for them, and the more experience you have, the more your skills are worth it! Remind yourself that you have unlimited potential. Each time you provide someone value, you’re one step closer to reaching your goals. Anyone who works on their talent and helps others in the process deserves compensation for doing so!

4. Money is not a bad thing to go after

A lot of people seem to think that the quest for more money makes you immoral or materialistic. The truth is that you’ve given so much to others that the universe has compensated you for. The first step to believing that you deserve money is to know that it’s not a bad thing. Wealth extends far past materialistic objects. With more money, you can live a higher quality lifestyle, take your business up a notch, make more time for side hobbies, and more.

5. Know that you have all you need to make money

Not every rich person started out with money. In fact, most didn’t! They got there by improving their skills and expanding their network. You don’t need family money, prior connections, or any exceptional talent to make more. In fact, most people who got wealthy on their own went out and made the connections themself and took it upon themselves to invest in learning more about their craft.

If you believe that you don’t have everything you need to make money, go out and get it! Remember: Nothing will come to you until you ask.

6. You must decide to make money, not hope that you’ll make money

Nobody else can control your path to wealth. That’s why they call it YOUR path, it’s nobody else’s! You can never hope that you’ll make money, you have to decide that you’ll make money. Once you determine that you have everything you need to make money and that you deserve all the money that comes your way, the doubt in your mind will begin to decrease over time.

Hoping that you’ll make money is a flimsy foundation that will inevitably lead to burnout. You’ll expect others to hand it to you, and when they don’t, you’ll get frustrated. On the other hand, if you decide that you’re going to make money, you’ll know for sure that it will come to you eventually.

7. Have patience and persistence

Making money is a long-term process that requires both patience and persistence. Along the way, others will doubt you, and you’ll doubt yourself. This is why you must be relentless in your endeavors and believe that you deserve all the rewards coming your way. In the end, the most rewarding part of the process won’t be getting cash. It’ll be improving the lives of others and becoming the go-to person in your industry.