7 People Discuss Their Vacation Recommendations For The Summer


For those of us who have been experiencing winter storms, I think it is safe to say we are truly sick of it, and cannot wait to see some warmer weather. Of course that means that once it is hot, we are going to wish for colder weather; the truth is we can never be happy. However, one thing we can be happy about during the summer months is getting away and going on vacation.

For me, I am looking forward to going to Las Vegas this year! I’m particularly excited to go see the Grand Canyon while I am nearby. However, when I chose this trip, I only had knowledge from Internet sites, and no real recommendations from people who had been out there and made this trip their first choice. It is really important to hear many different recommendations of people’s (of similar, but different ages) favorite places before choosing a trip.

1. My favorite is the Bahamas! It’s beautiful, there are so many activities all in one place, and you can take their little shuttles from place to place, just like Disney World, and not have to worry about trying to get to different places and get lost! But seriously, it’s amazing, and it smells good, too. Totally sounds weird, but it just smells like Summer.

– Christine, 23

2. Key West! Definitely check out the sunset celebration, walk around the town to shop and the food is really good. The beaches are so relaxing and a great atmosphere for a little getaway.

– Sarah, 23

3. Savannah, Georgia! It’s a neat, historic town that has trolley tours within their squares and along River Street. They have a TON of great southern eateries, bakeries, and bars (plus you can walk from bar to bar with your drinks) It’s also close to Tybee Island, a cute beach town!

– Jaime, 22

4. I’d say Costa Rica! There are a lot of great things to do regardless of your adventure level. Beautiful weather and views everywhere. Or Spain, there is so much rich history with great museums and culture. The wine is amazing too!

– Aparna, 28

5. Coastal Delaware. Driving distance to Ocean City, Rehoboth Beach, and of course Dogfish Head. Plus my girlfriend and I are taking our new dog, Riley, to stay at the new Dogfish Inn this April in Lewes, DE.

– Kristofer, 27

6. Interlaken Lake, Switzerland; beautiful scenery, awesome people, laid back atmosphere, a lot of outdoor adventures, a lot of hiking trails, nice night life, and pretty cheap if you stay in the Tent Hostel.

– Kate, 22

7. I took a cruise to Cayman Islands and Jamaica and that’s by far my favorite! Inside the country [USA], Ocean City, Maryland was great.

– Erika, 22