7 Questions I Have After Watching Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life


1. Is Christopher a vampire?

This would be a great twist. There were already two Buffy references during the revival. Can you imagine? Spike, Angel, and CHRISTOPHER. Sorry, Joss fangirl tangent. More likely, he’s just one of those freakish Paul Rudd types who DO. NOT. AGE. Was he cryogenically frozen? What moisturizer does he use? I need his skin care routine, ASAP.

2. Is Jess secretly a CrossFit trainer?

Okay Mariano, I SEE YOU. Though I’m personally partial to my men on the scrawny-almost-sickly-looking side, I have to say, I couldn’t help from ogling those newfound muscles rippling beneath his shirt. Is this his Khloé Kardashian revenge body knowing he was going to see Rory again? And really, we’re supposed to believe he works in publishing? I’ve met plenty of people who work in publishing. They don’t look like that.

3. When did Luke get hair plugs?

Remember how much his hairline was receding by season 7? It seems to have magically creeped back up a bit. HMMM. INTERESTING.

4. Why is Lane still married to Zack?

Poor, poor Zack. He aged so horribly. My honest first thought when he came on screen was, “Where did Grandpa come from?” Musical interest aside, these two were never a good romantic fit. Such a sloppy pairing. Zero chemistry. (Remember when they had sex for the first time and Lane thought it was the worst, grossest thing ever? Yikes.) Plus, we all know Dave Rygalski is the one who got away.

5. Is Dean working at Dunder Mifflin?

He now lives in Scranton, Pennsylvania with his wife and kids. I stopped listening after that.

6. Was Chad Michael Murray really too busy for a one second cameo?

C’mon, really? Your schedule that packed, Chad?

7. When is Paris getting a spin-off?

I will fight anyone to the death who doesn’t like Paris. Liza Weil did a superb job keeping the character consistent with who we came to know, tolerate, and then love so, so much while also giving her the growth one would expect in the years since the show went off air. I was my happiest when Paris was on screen. Netflix, you in?