7 Reasons A DIY Bikini Wax Is Better Than Going To A Spa


I know there are ladies who need a professional to handle their cooch waxing, but for the more independent and adventurous among us, the DIY wax is much preferable. I’m not the kind of person that likes to shell out $50 every month to spend an hour schlepping myself to a back room where I make awkward conversation with a stranger while she gazes at me in all my unkempt glory.


I don’t like the awkward, clinical feel of going to a waxer. My beauty rituals are like a calming display of self-care rather than an appointment I have to keep. This is a very important distinction. It feels healthier.

Not convinced? Here’s 7 more reasons your DIY wax is superior to the salon variety.

1. Cash money

Wax strips are often under $15, while a high-end spa can be looking at 8x that much. That’s like fifty-seven lattes. Or a Gaga concert. Even a “cheap wax” is $30. That’s three drinks and a taxi on a Saturday night people.

2. Serene Surroundings

Waiting around naked for your waxer to come into the room and then making chit-chat while trying to not make animal sounds is not chic. At home, you can light candles, have a glass of wine, play some Lorde and generally not stress.

3. Female bonding

For those of us with close female friendships, at home waxing can be a bonding event. Of course, this requires a friend that isn’t your garden variety acquaintance, but being silly and TMI-ing are the building blocks of every best friendship.

4. Speed

Once you get the hang of it, it’s a huge time savings from going to a salon, and you can fit it into your schedule at any time–no need to make an appointment.

5. Versatility

Unlike a salon wax, you can take your DIY wax with you. So, when you’re running around before your trip to a ski resort with your friends–you can bump the wax off your schedule and just pack the strips to do once you get there. Just a simple way to keep your sanity when things get hectic.

6. NO awkward small talk

This definitely deserves its own point.

7. It’s empowering

It’s empowering. You may suck at first, but every time you do it you get better and better until one day, you’re basically a pro. Not needing other people for services is just a good feeling. You ultimately know your body more than anyone else, and not having to communicate that you hate when people do ____ is nice.  You’re the boss.

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