7 Reasons Why ‘Arrow’ Is The Best TV Show Ever


1. It’s based (loosely) on the DC comic, “Green Arrow” – Let’s be honest. It’s the most insane thing ever when we see our comic book superheroes come to life! I know I may get a lot of hate for this, but it’s all I can do from entering serious fan girl mode when I see watch Arrow as I think the TV show is (far) better than the comic.

2. The girls are kickass – Okay seriously, this is one of the few shows where the girls (past and present); Laurel, Sarah, Felicity, Thea, Moira, Nissa, are strong, gorgeous kickass women who hold their own against the men. I’ll be honest, I’m straight, but Sarah in her Black Canary outfit or even Felicity could turn me. Side note: Emily Bett Rickards is my permanent WCW.

3. Olicity – I am a huge fan of the ship Oliver and Felicity i.e Olicity. As I have become a die hard Olicity fan, my rule is, if I start discussing Arrow with you and you say anything which is remotely offensive about Olicity, we’re done. Like walk away and do not talk to me ever again kind of done…. okay fine, I joke (maybe). Olicity is my OTP (one true pairing). Oliver is headstrong, calculated, loyal, serious and dutiful and Felicity balances him out perfectly with her charm, awkwardness, sensitivity and intelligence. (You can imagine me watching s03 e01, crying my eyes out, when Oliver kisses Felicity and tells her, “Don’t ask me to say that I don’t love you”). I don’t care what anyone else says, Olicity is endgame.

4. Representative of true people – A lot of stories, like Harry Potter (I love Harry Potter, please don’t kill me!) portray characters as very one dimensional, example Draco Malfoy. In Arrow, this is not the case at all. I find this especially true with Moira Queen and Malcolm Merlin – who is actually becoming one of my favorite characters with his paternal instincts coming out by training his daughter, Thea as an…assassin. Yeah I know, this show really captures the essence of a father-daughter relationship, right?

5. Multitasking hero – In s03 e01, Oliver asks Felicity, “You like Italian, right?” while chasing after the bad guys on a motorbike. HONESTLY, WHICH SUPERHERO DOES THAT? I think that should immediately elevate Oliver to like best boyfriend/superhero ever.

6. “The Flash” – To the best of my knowledge, it is the first TV show to host a crossover from a series (which was actually developed as a spin off), “The Flash”. Creating a Arrow + Flash Universe on CW and having characters travel back and forth – way to keep things interesting and awesome! Barry should be made an honorary member of Team Arrow, though I’m glad he is not interested in Felicity.

7. Zombies, assassins etc – Us humans are fascinated by the supernatural or any abnormal creatures. Arrow has a whole host of them, remember the Mirakuru soldiers? And the frickin’ League of Assassins….Just digest that – The.League.of.Assassins. Not going to lie, that’s some elevated shit.

I guess this shouldn’t “technically” classify as a reason but I could not, not mention it. For ANYONE who has even watched Arrow for like 5 minutes will see that the “Arrow” cast is drop dead gorgeous. I’m talking jaws to the floor, good looking, guys and girl alike. Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Colton Haynes, John Barrowman, Kate Cassidy, Emily Bett Rickards, Willa Holland and Caity Lotz. It should be a crime for that many good looking people to be together in one place, kinda like the Oscars….especially when Oliver is on that bar thingy or when they are training (shirtless of course). But, in all honesty, so much love for Arrow.