7 Reasons Dog Lovers Are The Happiest People To Be Around


If you own a dog, you know what it’s like to feel genuinely loved. You have by your side someone that doesn’t see the bad in you, and instead, sees you as the most amazing person ever. If you are sad, you have a little ball of fur next to you wagging its tail, trying to make you happy.

Since I’ve had my own puppy, I’ve experienced a lot of feelings, and I’ve realized that there are no words that can express how much I love my little guy. There’s something about his brown eyes and his round nose that make my heart melt and for him, I would do anything.

Just like me, there are a lot of people that have this unconditional love for dogs, and after talking with some of them, I found that they have something in common, they are the happiest people to be around, and these are the reasons why:

1. They feel loved

The quote “Be the person your dog thinks you are” is 100% relatable. They see their owners as the most incredible human beings ever and admit it, that feeling is amazing.

Dog lovers know that every time they get home, they have someone waiting for them and it’s excited to see them. They have someone that genuinely loves them and expect nothing in return.

2. They aren’t stressed

Studies say that owning a pet can help people to feel less stressed. The feeling of touching furry skin give people a peaceful sensation. Also, pets, especially dogs, help people to feel distracted from their problems every time they play with them.

3. They are more sociable

Every time dog lovers see one in the streets or in the park, they stop and appreciate them, which end up leading to a conversation with the owner. Talking about puppies is almost like a conversation icebreaker. People that love animals can spend hours and hours talking about them because they never get bored.

Want to talk about breeds? About their skills? About names? Dog lovers are always up for that.

4. They stay active and encourage others to do the same

Let’s face it, owning a pet or being in charge of one could be really demanding, especially because these little guys love to be walking around the neighborhood or the park. Also, for their own health, animals need to stay active. Because of this, dog owners tend to do a little more physical activity, so their loved ones can stay healthy and relaxed. People end up inviting their friends for a walk or a hike, and 100% of the time, a dog will be joining them.

5. They feel less anxious

It’s almost impossible to avoid anxiety or stress during difficult times, however, dogs can help people to feel better. Talking them for a walk, cuddling with them or just touching them can reduce anxiety levels.

6. They rarely feel lonely

Dogs don’t need to talk to make people feel like they are not lonely. Just a touch, seeing their tail wagging or a little lick on the face makes them feel better. Dogs are a man’s best company and these four-legged beings are always there for people, it’s part of their nature.

7. They aren’t selfish

From my experience, I know that I can always count on someone that loves dogs. I’ve noticed that they share what they have with the ones that need it, or in this case, the dogs that are alone on the streets. They serve them water, food or even help them to get a home, and those actions say a lot about the kind of person that they are.