7 Reasons Most Millennials Reject Feminism


Growing up in the 90s and 00s, the era of Britney and the Spice Girls, it never really occurred to me that men held a lot of advantages over women (I actually always thought it was the opposite – hello cleavage and high heels!). However, as I moved through high school and into college it became apparent that ‘girl power’ only got us so far and women were still falling behind men in many areas of society such as business, science, politics, and math. Although these differences are fact and not fiction, many women my age, when asked if they’re a feminist, answer, “I don’t consider myself a feminist but…” and then continue on to explain how they hold beliefs that most feminists would consider feminist. This led me to wonder, what is it about the word “feminism” that my fellow Millennials are rejecting? Here’s what I came up with.

1. Spending a few years as a ‘house spouse’ actually sounds awesome – who the hell knows what they want to do in their 20’s. Having five to ten years to figure it out, while filling our instagram with pictures of puppies and kiddos, sounds like a blessing. Neither stay-at-home-moms nor dads deserve ridicule or bizarre sympathy for taking care of their families.

2. Sometimes us lady Millennials like to shave our legs, dress up, and drop it low like no one’s watching – we’re not exploiting ourselves, we’re having fun, dammit, and we shouldn’t have to feel guilty about it.

3. Chivalry is NOT dead. It’s nice when someone pursues you, takes you out on dates, and surprises you with little things here and there. The difference between Millennial women and our mothers is that we understand ‘chivalry,’ in this day in age, is a two way street; everyone, regardless of sex or gender, likes and deserves to be treated like they’re special.

4. Cooking and cleaning are not only great ways to de-stress but they’re vital to healthy, happy living. No one should feel guilty about ‘taking time away from their career’ to keep a tidy home and nourish their body.

5. We’ve seen and felt the effects of being ‘raised’ by two absentee parents. We were raised in daycares and drive-thrus and can vouch that most of us didn’t turn out so well. Furthermore, with childhood obesity and depression rates ever-increasing there’s clearly something to having a supportive and nurturing parent at home.

6. Even though it’s an inaccurate portrayal, the word ‘feminism’ makes most men think of hairy armpits and angry, man-hating lesbians. Furthermore, a lot of what feminism seems to be doing now is the very thing it sought to destroy in hopes of peace and equality. The word has become threatening and creates a mentality of isolation and competition rather than the sense of collaboration this broken world so desperately needs.

7. Most importantly, declaring oneself a feminist can feel victimizing and disempowering. Each of us is in charge of taking control of our life and working for what we really want. Some of us, both men and women, don’t want to be CEOs, scientists and politicians; and that should be okay too!

And before you get your panties in a bunch, my dear feminist friends- take a second to think about the truth in these explanations. All the Millennial women who “aren’t feminists but…” have a right to validation and acceptance; there is a reason why so many of these bright, talented, and ambitious women are rejecting a word, while simultaneously embodying the concept. For peace and progress, we all need to get out of our heads and be open to seeing the story from every side, not just our own.

image – Shuterstock