7 Reasons Public Speaking Is The Most Important Skill You Will Ever Learn


You’ve witnessed the power of public speaking on countless occasions. You’ve seen how the well-spoken salesman convinces his customers, how the most eloquent debater wins the argument, how the soft-spoken man gets the girl, and how the politician who speaks with the most conviction wins the election.

There is just no limit to how much public speaking can benefit you in life. These are just some of the reasons you need to learn it.

1. You need the ability to present ideas

No matter what your role is in life, there will be times when you need the ability to present your ideas to the world around you. Be it making a sales pitch at work, holding presentations in school, or simply putting forth your ideas for a family vacation, you will need the skill of speaking to get your point across and win others to your side.

2. In a silent world, the man with a voice is king

In a world where the norm is to remain quiet and passive, the one who can break the silence will stand out like a giant, attracting all the attention and admiration of the silent crowd. The single best way to elevate yourself in this world, then, is to learn the art of speaking.
The world is full of people just looking for a voice to follow – public speaking can let you be that voice!

3. You will increase your influence

If you want influence over the world around you, you need a medium through which to spread your ideas and opinions. Public speaking just so happens to be one of the best mediums for reaching out to the world around you.

By learning how to effectively communicate your thoughts through speaking, your message will be heard and understood by a much larger audience.

4. You will become a better listener

There are two sides to a conversation; speaking, and listening. And just as you can’t be a great speaker without knowing how to listen, you can’t be a great listener without knowing how to speak. In this way, learning the details of the art of speaking will make you that much better at listening to the speeches of others.

5. It is the most revered skill of all

No ability or skill is raised out of proportion more than the skill of speaking. In today’s quiet world, anyone who is able to break the silence of the crowd will stand out like a hero. Even a moderately skilled speaker will appear as an eloquent professional compared to the silence of the masses.

6. It forces you to face your fears

Let’s face it; you’re afraid of getting up in front of a crowd. This is nothing to be ashamed of though – every single one of us has this fear to some extent. The beauty of public speaking, however, is that it forces you to confront this fear.

By learning how to speak, you gradually ease yourself into standing in the spotlight in front of a crowd, and one of the greatest fears of mankind will cease to have power over you.

7. You will learn to handle any situation

You’ve probably met someone who seems to be able to talk his way out of anything. No matter how difficult the situation, his eloquence just seems to magically fix every problem! This is because a good speaker is able to sway the minds of others in a way that can resolve any problematic social situation he might be in.

Learning public speaking, then, will give you the tools you need to gracefully handle almost any situation you find yourself in. And simply being aware of this fact will have a major influence in your life.

So if you learn only one single skill during the rest of your life, let it be the skill of speaking!