7 Reasons The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With A Girl Who’s Used To Being On Her Own


1. She will give you as much alone time as you need.

Clingy or too attached will never be words you use to describe her. She will care about what you’re doing, what you’ve been up to, but not in a way that suggests she’s mad because whatever you’re doing doesn’t involve her. She doesn’t always need to be involved. She loves that you have your own life. She encourages you to continue to have a life outside of her. She means everything to you, but that doesn’t mean she is your everything, and she knows this.

2. She won’t need constant affirmation of your love.

She won’t constantly question whether or not you love her, or complain that you don’t give her the love that she needs, because if you don’t give her the love that she deserves, she won’t sit around and whine about it, she will leave. She isn’t afraid to be alone, and she isn’t in a relationship to feel alone. She’s in a relationship because she enjoys the way you make her feel, and when you make her feel alone, she will choose to be alone.

3. When she’s with you, you will feel secure that you are exactly what she wants.

She knows who she is, she knows what she wants and what she doesn’t, and you are it. She wouldn’t be in a relationship for the sake of a relationship. She chose to be in a relationship with you because being with you is better than being on her own.

4. She has other people in her life who love her besides you.

She doesn’t depend on others, but she does have others to lean on when she needs them. You are one part of her support system, and that is so very important to her, but her support system is composed of many parts and not simply of you. She won’t be angry with you when you don’t know how to help her because she has another loved one who can and will.

5. You won’t feel the pressure of being the most important thing in her life.

You’ll never have to feel like you’re the only thing in her life that matters. She has passions that she had before she met you, and she doesn’t lose sight of them.

6. You’ll never feel like you’re holding her back.

She doesn’t forget about her dreams and aspirations, and she doesn’t let love get in the way of them, she lets love lift her up, not hold her back. She is driven and her goals are not something she thinks that ‘maybe one day she’ll get to‘ they’re something she works actively towards each and every day until her dreams become her reality. And she takes you along for the ride. She wants you to be there when she makes it all happen, and if she didn’t, you would know.

7. She will always be the girl you fell in love with.

She doesn’t lose herself in relationships, and she doesn’t change herself in order to find love, or to maintain love. She knows who she is, who she once was, and who she wants to be, and she will always stay true to that. You fell in love with her because of the person that she is, and you two will change each other’s lives together, but a part of her will always remain the same, and that’s the part of her that made you fall in love.