7 Reasons The Internet Is The Greatest Book You’ll Ever Read


Since the inception of the Internet, it has played an ever increasingly important role for the written form. Writers have made use of social networking, blogging, and media platforms to engage with a hungry, interactive audience. In more recent years it has played host to new types of fiction and media, albeit an e-book, an article for an online newspapers, or even a tweet. It’s true, you can’t beat the simple pleasure of reading a printed book, but writing on the Internet boasts an engaging experience on a daily basis for a fraction of the cost. Through the use of blogs, online newspapers, and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, the written form has changed. There’s absolutely no way of denying this fact, and here are seven reasons why.

1. The Internet is an open source of thought.

Although publishers may or may not be involved, literature has become much more accessible to both writers and readers. Imagine how much you’d have to pay for all the writing on the Internet in a printed book.

2. Writers are given a fresh platform to express themselves on.

Before the Internet was around, print publishing platforms would have secluded writers who have otherwise found prominence via the Internet. It gives the everyday person a chance to be read, a chance to have an impact others, and a chance for opportunity.

3. It is progressive.

Print publishers know what sells, and for that reason alone, they will dismiss work that may be perceived as high risk; they don’t want to invest in something that will fail financially. Something that will fail not due to how good it is, but because it doesn’t appeal to a mass audience. It breaks away from the norm. The Internet does not have this fault, due to catering to the entire world for an audience; it must have different writers to fulfill different needs.

4. It is a collection of history.

The Internet holds the history and intelligence of mankind, and the information that mankind has gathered from science, philosophy, mathematics, and art. The Internet holds more knowledge than any published book, and that is an unbelievable testament.

5. It revolves around opinion.

Thoughts and opinions shared on social media are challenged daily by what is written on the Internet. People are given a healthy, intellectual exercise whether they realise it or not.

6. It communicates globally.

Writing on the Internet has brought together a global community. An article on what happens on one country is shared to every other country by the word of mouth of social media. It transcends borders and boundaries.

7. You won’t get a paper cut from reading work on the Internet.

Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

image – Shutterstock