7 Reasons There’s Nobody In This World Like Your Mother


This article is in memory of my beautiful mother Gina Marie Lowthert 10/30/1964-05/27/2014

1. Because her love for you will always be unconditional.

I am not a mother, but my own mother sure did a wonderful job of expressing her unconditional love for me and my sister. Though she is no longer physically with me, I can lay my head to sleep each knowing me that she will never stop loving me.

2. Because she will ALWAYS have your back.

No matter what you do, no matter how many rules you break, no matter how many times you get a speeding ticket, no matter if you went to jail, no matter what- who will always have your back? YOUR MOM.

3. Because she gave you life.

Not speaking from experience, but from the stories I’ve heard, child labor is painful. Your mother carried you for 9 months and endured those pains for you. Don’t take her for granted.

4. Because she will always forgive you.

You can be in a bad mood, you can basically tell her off, make her cry but no matter what she will always forgive you and take you back into her loving arms.

5. Because she has made MANY sacrifices for you.

She has sacrificed her life to make yours better.

6. Because she is the glue that keeps your family together.

Who always does all the cooking, planning, holiday planning, etc.?, most likely, your mother. She will always make sure you family stays close and sticks together. My mom passed away last year, she as 48 years old. Everything falls apart. Take my word for it.

7. Because she is your safe haven.

A sad, lonely, heartbroken you walks into the arms of your mother and nothing can seem anymore uplifting. All of your stress will wash away and you are at peace in her arms. You only get one mother, one chance to love her, to cherish her and to make memories with her. Don’t ever take that for granted.