7 Reasons Why Absolutely Everyone Should Spend Some Time Being Single In Their 20s


1. You get to call the shots and make yourself a priority.

These are the years of your life where you’ll have the most freedom and the least responsibilities or commitments, but this is merely a moment in time, so embrace it! Be spontaneous and live your life. Things won’t stay like this for long and, years from now you’ll look back on this time in your life and you’ll see how this period of freedom had a profound impact on the person you became.

2. You’ll go places or do things by yourself, and you’ll probably be surprised at how much you enjoy it.

Being able to comfortably do things on your own is going to make you independent and it’s going to have a big impact on your life over the next few years because you’ll grow so much from those experiences. Most importantly though, you’ll learn to value your own presence instead of looking for someone to fill a space in your life that doesn’t need to be filled.

3. You’ll become the best version of yourself you have ever been or thought you ever could be.

You’ll decide what kind of person you want to be, and you’ll begin to work on anything that you want to change, but, crucially you’ll do all of this for yourself and nobody else. You’ll see how it can become unhealthy to wish change upon ourselves in order to gain someone else’s affection and that becoming a better person in your eyes for your life ahead of you is what really counts.

4. You’ll face any difficulties single-handedly, but you’ll be stronger for it in the long run.

You’ll show yourself that you don’t need someone else standing beside you to prop you up when your world is crumbling underneath you because you’ll learn how to hold yourself up no matter what life brings, and you should give yourself some credit for that. Your life will be built upon strong foundations that you create for yourself during this time and although you’ll often be tested this will only make you incredibly resilient for the years ahead.

5. You can focus on your future.

You can set aside anything now that stops you from progressing towards the future and career that you’ve always wanted because this is your time now to build an empire and start working on some of those goals that you’ve been dreaming of for far too long. Without any added distractions you can dedicate your time and energy into making a wonderful life for yourself. So go make a plan, set some goals and think about where YOU want to be in five years’ time.

6. You’ll begin to care for yourself the way you’ve cared for the many people you’ve loved in your life.

You’ll try new recipes, invest in a good cookbook and cook yourself amazing meals, even if you are going to eat them alone. You’ll be open-minded, and you’ll try new things although this might be scary at first. Most importantly though, you’ll get yourself out of that spot where you feel most comfortable and you’ll find new places to explore. You’ll be brave, break free from your routines and wander off the beaten track because you are free, and you should know that there are no boundaries for where your life is going to take you.

7. You’ll stop living your life by other people’s timescales.

Finally, you will learn that there’s no rush to build your own nuclear family or to find that person to grow old with; your career, dreams, aspirations, and goals are all important too, so why not focus on these instead for now? Or, better yet, just do you. Decide what you want from life right now and then make it happen. There’s no use in waiting around for everything to fall into place because life has a much greater plan for us than we could ever imagine.