7 Reasons Why Life Is A Lot Better Without Social Media


We’ve all imagined at some point whether our life would be better or worse without sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and personal experience has taught me how life is actually better without them in 7 brilliant ways.

1. You don’t constantly compare your life against the lives of others

I cannot begin to explain how good it feels to just focus on what’s going on for you without comparing it to what everyone else is doing and wondering whether you’re doing enough with your life after seeing the achievements of others.

2. You find yourself becoming more social in real life

Picture it. You’re waiting next to someone you know but you can’t whip out your phone to check the Twittersphere or see the wild night so and so had from their Facebook photos. So rather than standing there like a lemon you have to have an actual conversation. With your mouth.

3. You don’t have to worry about how many retweets or likes you’ll get

Relax. You can admit it. We all do it.

4. You cut off contact with people you don’t really like

Take a hike, dude I went to school with a million years ago and haven’t seen in forever!

5. You can’t be stalked by anyone

Even though you’re slightly flattered to have a stalker in the first place.

6. If any embarrassing pictures of you end up on there you won’t know about it

Ignorance is bliss. Unless of course your buddy tells you about it. Thanks a lot bro.

7. You find yourself procrastinating less during work

Trust me, without being able to look at your Twitter or Facebook feed you’ll be far more productive when working. Although whether or not this is a good thing is up to you.