7 Reasons Why Writers Should Date Other Writers


1. They understand that you will write about the things you care about – namely, them. And they are okay with this. And more than being okay with it, they are comfortable being the subject of your writing. They understand it on a deeper level, the need to put words to feelings and thoughts as if to make them more real, more concrete, more understandable.

2. Your significant other will understand the odd hours you keep – writing is not a 9-5, Monday-Friday job. Instead, it often means late nights, holidays, and spur of the moment calls into the office when news breaks.

3. They will understand the passion and commitment necessary to overcome the oftentimes too little compensation which accompanies a writing career.

4. They will support your sudden need to slip away from the crowd and write, understand the importance of putting your thoughts on paper before they quickly slip away into the abyss from which they momentarily emerged.

5. You will bond as a couple over common ground and struggles that writers face – whether these be the little things, like AP style and the general lack of attention people pay to grammar, or the big things, like rejection. You’ll be able to brood in the way only writers can, and they won’t be able to judge you.

6. In times of conflict, they will know to leave you alone with your thoughts, to give you time to sort them out on paper before confronting them verbally.

7. Date night can consist of cuddling up with laptops and each falling aimlessly into the black hole that writing can be. When you finally glance up, the sun has shifted below the horizon and hours have passed. Few words were exchanged during this time, as you both fell into the rhythm of the stop and start of tapping keys, following the bouts of inspiration.