7 Reasons Why You Need To Start Dating The Nice Guy 



It’s 2017– a new year, one untarnished by exes of years past. You were cheated on, played, or otherwise wronged back in 2016. Maybe he was seeing another person, maybe he was just generally rude or mean, or maybe he voted for Trump. In any case, it’s time to give the nice guy a chance.

The nice guy is an omnipresent entity in every girl’s life, whether he’s on your dating app or in your friend group. He’s tried dating around too, but never seemed to find the right girl. Enter: you.

Dating the nice guy is worthwhile, and will pan out well for you in the long run, even if you two don’t work out together. Why?

1. He will respect your opinion and support you in all to which you aspire. You have goals, dreams– and he’s there to cheer you on along the way!

2. He will show his appreciation for you. Maybe he’ll get you flowers, or help you move into your new home. Maybe his thing is setting up the firewall on your computer– he wants to do things for you to show you he cares.

3. He will make the effort to make plans and spend time with you.

4. He’ll take care of himself– he’s responsible. He pays his bills, does his laundry on time, and can pay for his damn self.

5. He has a hobby, and he wants to share it with you. He also wants to share in your hobbies, even if he’s not 100% invested in them.

6. He’ll watch your favorite show with you without complaining, but might just get as into it as you.

7. He trusts you. He doesn’t go through your phone, and you can talk openly. He’s a good communicator.