7 Reasons You Should Hire A Professional Bridesmaid


Your wedding adventure can be split up into two parts.

The first part is your actual wedding day. A day you’ve most likely been planning for many, many years.

I started planning mine when I was 7.

I’d plop down on the fluffy carpet of my bedroom floor, and use Barbie and Ken to act out different wedding ideas. One time they got married on top of a cliff in Costa Rica (which was actually just a pile of stacked Babysitters Club books) and another time – they were married in my backyard, accessorized with delicate tea-lights and bubblegum pink napkins.

The other part of your wedding adventure is one you rarely plan yourself. The “pre-game” to your wedding”: The bridal shower, bachelorette party, getting ready on your wedding day. That part is usually put directly in the hands of your closest friends. The ones who have stuck beside you through the ugly cries and the spring break conga lines. The “you’ll never believe what happened” phone calls and the late night Beyoncé inspired dance parties.

Maybe you have more bridesmaids than you have fingers on both hands or maybe you have just one that’ll stand on your left and one that’ll stand on your right.

Either way, figuring out the who, what, where, why, when, and how of this part of your wedding adventure often gets tossed up in the air, like a pile of napkins at a restaurant, and comes wiggling down, down, down, falling on one girl – or multiple – or no one at all.

That’s what a professional bridesmaid is there for. To step in and guide the questions like:

  • What the heck are we supposed to plan for the bride?
  • When are we supposed to plan it?
  • Who are we supposed to invite?
  • How do we even start doing all of this?
  • Why is this so confusing?

A professional bridesmaid is another word for a consultant, which is another word for a person who knows how to do the things you never actually learned how to do.

We learn a lot of things in school, like how to solve quadratic equations or all of the chemical elements in the periodic table or the functions of our human body parts – which had me giggling all the way to the principal’s office in the 4th grade.

But never, not once, does someone sit you down and tell you how to be a bridesmaid. What kinds of games to play at a bridal shower or where to take 10 girls on a bachelorette party when they are working with a very small budget. They never tell you what to do when on her wedding day, the bride is crying off all of her airbrushed makeup and black mascara droppings have stained the front of her dress.

Sure, I can help you pull the trigger on deciding what color flowers to order for your wedding day and what style bridesmaid dress will look flattering on all the different body types of your bridesmaids, but I can also be there to help out your closest friends and make sure that after this whole thing is over, they are still your closest friends.

I want you and them to be smiling in the pictures, not tugging out each other’s earrings.

If you’re a fellow bridesmaid (or a maid-of-honor), I can help out with:

Planning the bridal shower.

Picking out decorations, venues, games, party favors, photography, and more.

Arranging the bachelorette party.

Chatting with the bride and the bridesmaid to plan a bachelorette party that works with all of the girls’ budgets, time, and wants. That way, all the girls on the bridesmaid team can make it to what’s supposed to be the greatest girl’s weekend of your life.


Whether you’re giving one at the bridal shower, the rehearsal dinner, or at the actual wedding, I can help you write them and also help you with your public speaking to make sure you have the confidence and skills to deliver the most kick-butt speech in the world.

The wedding day.

I’ll be there to help make sure all the details are flowing smoothly. That the hair and make-up people, the photographer, and the bridal party are sticking to their schedule. That the bride is relaxed and has everything she needs.

If you’re a bride, let me take care of:

Email chains, group texts, and pre-wedding conversations:

Let me be your assistant in reaching out to your bridesmaids and finalizing all the details of where and when they need to arrive at events. I’ll help book hotel rooms and relay information to the rest of the group on your behalf. That way, you don’t have to read through an ongoing and confusing group chat or email chain about each bridesmaid’s questions or concerns.

Vow writing:

As a professional writer for more than 13 years, I can help you refine the wording of your vows and help you with public speaking skills so you can deliver the most powerful speech you’ll ever have to give to your husband-to-be.

On the day of your wedding:

Let me make sure the bridesmaids are on schedule, on time, and on their best behavior.
As a professional bridesmaid, I’ll also make sure something like this NEVER happens – unless, of course, you want it to.

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