7 Reminders Of Strength And Light For The Woman Who Feels Hopeless


1. You are not the world.

You are not walking the same path as the person next to you. What breaks you down may look different, or feel heavier or lighter than someone else’s burden. And this is okay. You were never meant to be a copy, to look and feel identical to another person. What breaks you does not have to be validated by someone else. You don’t have to justify your pain in order for it to be real. You are not meant to compare yourself, to feel like you are less, to believe that you are weak, simply because you are going through a hard season.

You are not the world. Which means that your path, your story will look completely different than anyone else’s. There is no timeline for grief, for pain, for heartache. Allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling, to embrace, to let go. Do not hold yourself to the standards of the world, or listen to bitterness that someone imposes on you, simply because your struggle does not match theirs. You are you, and regardless of what you face, you will forever be that person. And that person is powerful. That person is capable. That person is enough.

2. What has happened to you does not, and will never define you.

Your brokenness is not a label that you have to plaster on your skin. Your failed relationships are not a marker of who you are. Your loss does not have to determine the person you will become. You can, and will rise.

Let the difficult moments of your life shape you, change you, and build you. Let what has happened to you strengthen you by teaching how to move forward with both lessons and blessings. Remember that everyone has a story—your success will be yours.

3. Tomorrow is new.

Regardless of what happened today, tomorrow is new. A new chance. A new start. A new beginning. And you can choose to let yesterday’s, let today’s pain drag you down, or you can decide to step forward into the light. You can decide to welcome positivity and hope. You can remind yourself of all that you’ve gone through, and how much you’ve gained, rather than lost.

Tomorrow is new. Welcome the day with open arms.

4. You have the ability to overcome.

When terrible things happen, it’s natural to believe you’re weak, you’re powerless to the circumstances around you, unfolding out of your control. But in all that you cannot change, there is still your attitude. There is still your willingness to believe in better days. There is still your fight, your confidence, your heart beating wildly in your chest.

You have the ability to overcome what this life throws you. Do not let anything or anyone tell you otherwise. Take small steps. Start with a smile. Breathe and believe.

5. Not a single step you take is alone.

There are people all around you, ready and willing to go to battle for you. There is a God who, no matter what you do or how far you push Him away, will love you simply because you are His. There is hope in stranger’s words, encouragement in books and magazines and songs and stories. No matter what you face, you don’t have to feel like you’re in this alone. You are loved, so incredibly much. And with the support of the people around you, you will find wings.

6. Every day you are getting closer to the woman you’re meant to become.

Do not let setbacks shape the way you see yourself. Yes, you will fall. Yes, you will fail. Yes, you will mess up and break down and feel empty from time to time. But in every scrape and bruise, every mistake and tear, every ache and heartbreak, you will move closer into the person you’re meant to become.

You will learn your resilience, your fight. You will see your smile, breaking through the shadows. You will realize that who you have the potential to be is far greater than any obstacle you may face. And you, my darling, will rise.

7. There is nothing to fear.

Do not let the unknown control you. There is so much you will not understand, will not be able to predict, will not be able to prevent. And instead of letting that make you hesitant, allow yourself to be bold. See that pain and hardship can, and will, fall onto your path, but you don’t have to fall victim to it. See that you will face days where darkness is all you know, but that doesn’t have to change you into a completely different person. See that you will be challenged, but you don’t have to fear.

You are strong. Your God is strong. And every single thing you face doesn’t simply break you, it builds.