7 Seriously Dope, Outside The Box Covers To Jumpstart Your Weekend


A bunch of biggish names reinventing some biggish sounds, in rather pleasant fashion:

1. We Can’t Stop – Bastille


British band Bastille has quite a knack for covers. A few years after lending their talents to City High’s What Would You DoBastille took the opportunity to perform a very addicting version of We Can’t Stop, mixed together with the signature song from Miley’s old man.

2. Get Low – Dan Henig


Probably the last song you’d expect to hear in a coffee shop, but Dan Henig, who you may have seen around the internet, pulls this off magnificently.

3. Look At This Instagram – College Humor


Technically not a cover, but a year later and it’s just as wonderfully relevant.

4. Sexy And I Know It – Noah Guthrie


If you used to think this song had zero redeeming value from a musical standpoint, think again. An entirely different song.

5. Bette Davis Eyes – Taylor Swift


Think what you want about T-Swift, but you can’t deny that this is a song she once sang.

6. Marvin’s Room – JoJo


When she’s not telling people to Get Out (Leave), and then lamenting about the fact that they didn’t do enough when they had the chance, she’s covering Drake songs. Quite excellently.

7. Dancing On My Own – Kings Of Leon


Kings of Leon takes Robyn’s smash-hit and gives it a completely different feel. It very much works.