7 Shows And Films That Deliver The Best Fashion Inspiration


TV shows and movies are often the inspiration to most people when it comes to their fashion sense. Sometimes some of the fashion choice made are not good, but most times most TV series and movies happen to hit the jackpot and expose the viewers to a new world through fashion. Here is a list of shows where some of the fashion sense and styles shows remain timeless:


Gossip Girl graced our TVs in 2007 and then sadly left in 2012. It is one of the most iconic TV shows, especially for fashion inspiration. If you ever want to look like someone from Upper East Side of Manhattan, this is the show. Over the seasons the characters have worn trendy outfits that inspire both women and men and to this day, some of those looks remain trendy, stylish, and fashionable. The characters only wear high-end fashion clothing to show off their wealth and prestige in society. If you seek a more sophisticated, sharp, and definitive look, Gossip Girl should be your go-to show.


This is a classic for some fashionable look, or if you just need a confidence booster. Meryl Streep became a fashion icon to some of us women as a result of this film. It explores the dos and don’ts in the fashion world, so if you ever need some tips on that matter, this movie is a guidance for you. Most of the looks presented in the film are couture and are best suited for galas, black-tie events and when going to work.


The Pretty Little Liars series follows five fashionable teens as they navigate high school and a constant threat that is constantly causing them trouble. The fashionistas in the show have been dropping styles for both teens, young adults and older adults alike. Each character is chic in their own way, so their fashion senses differ. If you wish to go for the look of someone who knows all about the world of fashion, its ins and out and to look everyday chic, you can imitate Hanna. For a more casual and down-to-earth look you can follow Emily’s style. Spencer has a more sophisticated look, and Aria (also has a chic fashion sense. She is for someone who likes to wear skirts and dresses daily and is also interested in fashion.


Sex and the City is legendary for many reasons. It can be a figurative bible for some women or a great TV series to watch when in search of your newest outfit. Most of the styles on this show are suitable for a day or night out with the girls but you can also find inspiration for your work wardrobe. The outfits in this series are usually fun, so it you want a more fun look for a night out with your girls or SO, this is the show for you.


The Carrie Diaries is a prequel to Sex and the City and follows Carrie Bradshaw in the 1980s while she works as an intern and writer at Interview magazine. If you love bright and bold colors, plus 80’s fashion that can be worn today, this show is the best inspiration for you and your closet.


Vintage chic. This is what this Netflix series is all about. If you ever want to make a switch up to your sense of style and go for a more vintage badass look that is vintage yet trend, this show is the best inspiration for you next look.


Daytime has never looked better. These four ladies don trendy outfits that are suitable for work, a formal or casual occasion or just for an everyday chic look. The panel consists of all women of color and so Jeni Elizabeth, the stylist on the show, told Styleblazer in 2013 that “Each girl is so completely different. It’s so important when you have a panel like this that you are able to capture each individual style… At the end of the day, each girl felt fabulous and like they were expressing their personalities through their clothing, and that’s best past of my job!” So, if you are looking for fancy clothing to bring out your personality, tune in to the real for more style updates. The show sometimes has fashion deals with companies and retail sites, which is even more incentive to tune in.

Which series is your favorite, and which is more suited to your fashion sensibilities?